Limitations of Kohlberg's theory of Moral Development

  • One of the major limitations of this theory is its focus on reasoning rather than on actual behaviour. 
  • It is a common observation that children   of various ages exhibit undesirable behaviour while copying from peers answer books on tallying answers (generally objective type of questions) during examinations while the invigilator is not around or he/she encourages those children who behaved honestly in every case, and discourages those very few who behaved dishonestly. 
  • It shows that children's moral reasoning and moral behaviour may be quite weak. 
  • Children may have learned to say certain things about moral decisions at various ages but what they do is different.
  • Indian philosophers and educationalists also believe that values should be a part of an individual,his reasoning or decision-making, so that what he/she does (should be) is in harmony with his, (thoughts) values.

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