Science : Class 6 NCERT / CBSE Revision Notes

TET Success Key provides free Science CBSE Revision Notes, NCERT Revision Notes , Science NCERT Solutions  for Class 6, Summary of chapters as per NCERT text book syllabus , Free MCQs Test, Sample question papers and Model / Guess question papers.
Science : Class 6 NCERT Notes, CBSE / NCERT Revision Notes, ScienceNotes
Chapters as per NCERT Text Book
Physics -VI

1. Motion and Measurement of Distances
·         Transportation and Distances
·         Rest and Motion
2. Light, Shadows and Reflections
·         Types of Media
·         Shadows and Pin Hole Camera
·         Mirrors and Reflection
3. Electricity and Circuits
·         Electric Cell and Torch Bulb
4. Fun with Magnets
Chemistry- VI
1. Fibre to Fabric
·         Fibers
2. Sorting Materials into groups
·         Properties of Materials
3. Separation of Substances
4. Changes Around us
·         Changes around us
Biology- VI
1. Food: Where does it Come from?
·         Sources of Food
2. Components of Food
·         Nutrients and Balanced Diet
·         Deficiency Diseases
3. Getting to Know Plants
·         Categories of Plants
·         Parts of a Plant
·         Parts of a Flower
4. Body Movements
·         Joints and their Types
·         Gait of Animals
5. The Living Organisms and their Surroundings
·         Habitat and Adaptation
·         Types of Habitat
·         Characteristics of Living Things
·         Water Cycle
·         All about Air
8. Garbage In, Garbage Out
·         Recycling Paper and Plastics

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