Given below is a list of words placed in alphabetical order. Each word is followed by a few of its synonyms. Note these words whenever you come across them. You should be familiar with most of the words for which synonyms are given if you have done all the exercises till this point thoroughly. So, this list will be giving you synonyms for the words which you know. Thus learning will be easier.

Words Starting with E

EarnestEager, ardent, intent,anxious, sincere
EccentricIrregular, anomalous, abnormal, odd
EconomiseSave, retrench
EcstasyTrance, enchantment, rapture
EffaceBlot out, obliterate, destroy
EffeminateWomanly, weak, unmanly
EfficacyEnergy, virtue, potence
EgotisticSelf-centered, egoist, self-conceited
EgregiousConspicuously bad, sinful, monstrous, shocking
ElaborateExplain, discuss, elucidate
ElevatedElated, promoted, upgraded, risen
EliminateRemove, replace, dismiss, discard
EloquenceOratory, rhetoric, finery (of speech) fluency of expression
EmanateOriginate, proceed, spring, issue
EmancipateFree, deliver, liberate
EmbarrassVex, confuse, entangle
EmbezzleSteal, peculate, cheat
EmbodyIncorporate, include, comprise
EmolumentSalary, wage, remuneration
EmulateCompete, rival, vie against, copy
EnchantCharm, bewitch, hypnotise
EncompassSurround, encircle
EncounterCome across, combat, fight
EncroachTrespass, intrude, invade
EndeavourAttempt, effort, aspiration
EndorseBack, approve, ratify
EndurancePatience, continuance, fortitude
EnfranchiseLiberate, free, (also: give right to vote)
EnlightenIlluminate, edify, elaborate
EnmityHostility, hatred, animosity
EnormousBig, huge, colossal, gigantic
EnrageInfuriate, madden, incense, irritate
EnsueSucceed, follow, result
EntangleRavel, involve, perplex
EnterpriseUndertaking, venture, endeavour
EnthusiasmZeal, ardour, interest
EnticeAllure, tempt, seduce, attract
EntreatBeseech, implore, beg
EntwineEncircle, surround, encompass
EnumerateCount, number one by one
EnunciateDeclare, publish, propound, reveal
EnvoyLegate, messenger, ambassador
EpochEra, time, age
EquivocalDoubtful, Ambiguous, uncertain
EradicateRoot out, extirpate, annihilate
ErroneousWrong, false
EruditeLearned, scholarly, lettered
EsteemAdmire, appreciate, adore, respect
EulogyLaudation, praise, extolling, felicitation
EvidenceTestimony, proof, witness
EvinceShow, manifest, demonstrate
ExactExtort, oppress, loot
ExaggerateAmplify, overstate
ExcerptExtract, quotations
ExileExpulsion, banishment, expatriation
ExonerateAcquit, absolve, release
ExorbitantExcessive, too much, very high
ExtinguishQuench, terminate, destroy, put out
ExtravagantExcessive, lavish, stylish
ExuberantAbundant, plentiful
ExultTriumph, rejoice, delight

Words Starting with F

FableStory, legend, myth, fiction
FabricateConstruct, forge, invent
FabulousFictitious, mythical, exaggerated
FacileFluent, ready, glib (of writing), pliable, docile, tractable
FactionClique, cabal, discord, section
FallacyDeception, illusion, mistake
FalterWaver, hesitate, delay, flounder
FamineHunger, starvation, scarcity of food
FanaticalBigoted, enthusiastic
FancyLiking, conception, craving, whim
FarcicalDroll, comic, extravagant
FascinateCharm, bewitch, attract
FastidiousParticular, over-nice, squeamish
FatalDeadly, lethal, mortal
FatigueWeakness, exhaustion, tiredness
FeebleWeak, frail, dim
FelicitateCongratulate, compliment
FelicityJoy, happiness, good luck
FelonCriminal, sinner, guilty, bandit
FermentExcite, agitate
FerocityFierceness, vehemence, fanaticism
FerventGlowing, heated, impassioned
FervourWarmth, glow, vehemence
FestivityGaiety, merry-making
FetterShackle, bind, imprison
FeudDispute, broil, strife
FickleChangeable, vacillating, varying
FiendishDevilish, diabolical, malignant
FigurativeTypical, imaginative, emblematic, metaphorical
FilthyDirty, foul, nasty
FissureCrevice, rift, narrow opening
FlaccidSoft, loose, weak
FlatterAdore, please, praise
FleeceRob, despoil, cheat
FlexibleVariable, pliable, changeable
FlimsyTransparent, thin, trivial, tenuous
FlounderStumble, falter, wallow, struggle
FluctuateUndulate, waver, vacillate
FlutterFlip, quiver, ruffle, agitate
FollyAbsurdity, silliness, imprudence, foolishness
FondleCaress, touch, rub
ForayIncursion, inroad, venture
ForbearanceAbstaining, refraining
ForbidProhibit, disallow, debar
ForebodeBetoken, indicate, augur
ForlornDisconsolate, cheerless, distressed, abandoned, lonely
FormidableDreadful, difficult, hard to overcome
FragileWeak, feeble, slender, delicate
FragrantOdorous, balmy, soothing
FrailtyWeakness, delicacy,fragileness
FranticFrenzied, mad, distracted
FraudulentDishonest, cheating, deceitful
FrayBattlefield, combat, brawl
FriskSkip, dance, caper, frolic
FrivolousVain, foolish, trivial
FrugalEconomical, thrifty
FutileUseless, hopeless, in vain

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