Given below is a list of words placed in alphabetical order. Each word is followed by a few of its synonyms. Note these words whenever you come across them. You should be familiar with most of the words for which synonyms are given if you have done all the exercises till this point thoroughly. So, this list will be giving you synonyms for the words which you know. Thus learning will be easier.

Words Starting with G

GaietyHilarity, jollity, festivity
GainsayContradict, dispute, controvert, deny
GallantryCourage, bravery, heroism
GarbageFilth, waste, useless, throwaway, trash
GarnerAccumulate, collect, gather
GarrulousPrattling, chattering
GawkyAwkward, clumsy
GayHappy, merry, joyous
GenerousNoble, magnanimous, kind, liberal
GenteelWell-bred, well-cultured, polite, refined
GenuineTrue, authentic, real
GhastlyHorrible, horrifying, horrific
GhostPhantom, spirit, spectre
GlimmerShine, flash, gleam
GlimpseGlance, (quick) look, (brief) view
GlistenShine, beam, glow
GloomDepression, melancholy, loneliness
GlutinousSticky, viscous
GluttonousGreedy, gorging, voracious
GrandeurSplendour, magnificence, glory
GrappleGrasp, clutch, seize
GratificationSatisfaction, enjoyment
GravitySeriousness, importance, calmness
GreedAvarice, ravenous, envious, covetous
GrievanceHardship, complaint, trouble
GrotesqueHorrifying, contorted, bizzare, whimsical
GrudgeGrievance, begrudge, resent
GullibleSimple, easy, pliable, credulous

Words Starting with H

HallucinationDelusion, illusion, nightmare
HamperImpede, block, fetter, bind
HaplessUnfortunate, unlucky
Haranguea lengthy speech, oration
HardshipTrouble, adversity, difficulty
HaughtyArrogant, overbearing, imperious
HavocDevastation, destruction, ruin
HeartySincere, warm, ardent
HeaveRaise, lift
HedgeFence, hem
HeedAdvise, note, consider, mind
HeinousAtrocious, odious, wicked
HemBorder, edge, fringe, outskirt
HerculeanColossal, laborious, excessive
HeterogeneousDissimilar, unlike, different, diverse, varied
HideousTerrific, horrible, filthy
HilariousExceedingly, funny, boisterously merry, amusing, joyous
HindranceImpediment, hampering, obstruction, obstacle
HistrionicTheatrical, dramatic
Hoax or HumbugDupe, cheat, befool
HomageDeference, salute, worshipping
HorizonVerge, limit, skyline
HostileAdverse, opposing, inimical
Hoverremain in one place in the air, remain suspended, linger
HumaneCompassionate, caring, bvenevolent
HumiliateAbase, insult, mock, defy
HumorousAmusing, laughable, comical
HypocrisyPretence, imposture, deceit

Words Starting with I

IdoliseAdore, worship, admire
Illegal or IllicitUnlawful, prohibited
IllogicalInconsequent, irrational
ImitateCopy, follow, mimic, emulate
ImmaculateSpotless, stainless, perfect
ImmatureCrude, childish, unseasoned
ImminentImpending, near, due, threatening
ImmodestIndecent, indelicate, unchaste
ImmortalEverlasting, undying, endless
ImpassionedFervent, frenzied, fanatical
ImpeachmentImputation, accusation
ImplicitImplied, assumed, inferred
ImpostorCheat, conman, charlatan
ImpracticableImpossible, (merely) theoretical
ImpressiveStriking, affecting, extraordinary
ImpunityExemption (from punishment)
InaneEmpty, silly, idiotic
InarticulateVoiceless, indistinct, inexpressive
IncenseInfuriate, enrage, anger
IncessantUnceasing, continual
Incognito(Identity) Concealed, secretly, stealthily
InculcateInstil, enforce, pass on, generate
InculpateBlame, incriminate
IncumbentCompulsory, obligatory, binding
IncursionInroad, foray, venture
IndefatigableTireless, assiduous
IndictAccuse, charge
IndiscriminateMixed, undistinguished, confused, wanton
IndolenceApathy, inactivity, laziness, sluggishness, lethargy
IndustriousBusy, active, tireless
InevitableUnavoidable, certain, sure
InexorableRelentless, indefatigable
InfallibleUnfailing, unerring, certain
InfectiousCatching, contaminating, corrupting, transmittable
InferGather, conclude, deduce
InfluenceAuthority, effect, power
InfringeBreak, violate, transgress, encroach
IngredientConstituent, component, element
InherentInborn, innate, built-in
InhibitionRestraint, check
IniquitousUnjust, wrong, unfair
InitiateStart, begin, inchoate
InnocuousHarmless, mild, innocent
InsanityMadness, lunacy, mania
InsidiousDeceitful, treacherous
InstantaneousImmediate, Sudden, quick
InstigateArouse, misguide, provoke
IntactUntouched, unscathed, whole, unbroken, undamaged, unimpaired, entire
IntegrityOneness, entirety, completeness, honesty, wholeness, soundness
IntellectualIntelligent, rational, learned
IntentionalDeliberate, intended,
IntercourseIntimacy, association, communication
IntermissionSuspension, stoppage, pause, cessation, interval
InterveneInterpose, mediate
IntimateClose, tender, friendly or informal, advertise, inform
IntolerableUnendurable, unbearable
IntransigentUncompromising, inflexible
IntrepidBrave, fearless
IntricateComplex, difficult, complicated
IntuitionInsight, premonition, instinct
InveterateHabitual, deep-rooted
InvoluntaryCompulsory, unwilled, reflex
IrksomeAnnoying, disagreeable, tedious
IrresoluteWavering, confused, vacillating
ItinerantTravelling (on a circuit), wandering, nomadic

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