Given below is a list of words placed in alphabetical order. Each word is followed by a few of its synonyms. Note these words whenever you come across them. You should be familiar with most of the words for which synonyms are given if you have done all the exercises till this point thoroughly. So, this list will be giving you synonyms for the words which you know. Thus learning will be easier.

Words Starting with Q

QualmA fit of nausea.
QuandaryDoubt, dilemma, plight
QuibbleAn utterly trivial distinction or objection.
QuiescenceBeing quiet, still, or at rest; inactive
QuirkTwist, quibble, deviation
Quixotic(Foolishly) Chivalrous, unrealistic, whimsical

Words Starting with R

RabbleThrong (of the vulgar), crowd, proletariat
RabidFurious, mad, fanatical
RaconteurA person skilled in telling stories.
RailleryJesting (language), banter, ridicule
RamifyTo divide or subdivide into branches or subdivisions.
RampantRife, widespread
RamshackleDilapidated, tumbledown, rickety
RapaciousSieze by force, avaricious
RecalcitrantStubborn, refractory
RecluseOne who lives in retirement or seclusion.
ReconditeIncomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding.
RecuperateTo recover.
RedundantWordy, repetitious, superfluous, needless
RefractoryNot amenable to control.
RegaleTo give unusual pleasure.
RegicideThe killing of a king or sovereign.
ReiterateTo say or do again and again.
RelapseTo suffer a return of a disease after partial recovery.
RelegateAssign a lower position, banish, demote
RepastA meal; figuratively, any refreshment.
RepineTo indulge in fretfulness and faultfinding.
Reprisal(Injury in) Return, retaliation, revenge
ReprobateOne abandoned to depravity and sin.
RepudiateDisavow, disclaim
ResilienceThe power of springing back to a former position
ResonanceAble to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations.
RespiteInterval of rest.
RestiveResisting control.
RevereTo regard with worshipful veneration.
RotundRound from fullness or plumpness.
RuffianA lawless or recklessly brutal fellow.
RuminateTo chew over again, as food previously swallowed and regurgitated.

Words Starting with S

SagaciousWise, shrewd, astute
SalaciousObscene, foul, indecent, lecherous
SalubriousHealthful; promoting health.
Salutary(Morally) Healthy, salubrious, beneficial
SanguineArdent, confident, optimistic
SardonicIronical, scornful, derisive
SatiateGratify (fully), surfeit, saturate
SatyrA very lascivious person.
SavorTo perceive by taste or smell.
SchismDisjunction, split
ScribbleHasty, careless writing.
SeditionPlotting (against government), incitement, insurgence
SedulousPersevering in effort or endeavor.
SinecureAny position (having emoluments with few or no duties).
SinuousCurving in and out.
SluggardA person habitually lazy or idle.
SolaceComfort in grief, trouble, or calamity.
SolventHaving sufficient funds to pay all debts.
SomniferousTending to produce sleep.
SoporificCausing sleep; also, something that causes sleep.
SordidFilthy, morally degraded
SpuriousNot genuine.
SqualidHaving a dirty, mean, poverty-stricken appearance.
StanchTo stop the flowing of; to check.
StingyCheap, unwilling to spend money.
StolidExpressing no power of feeling or perceiving.
SubmergeTo place or plunge under water.
SumptuousRich and costly.
SuperciliousExhibiting haughty and careless contempt.
SuperfluousBeing more than is needed.
SupersedeTo displace.
SupineLying on the back.
SupplicateTo beg.
SuppressTo prevent from being disclosed or punished.
SurchargeAn additional amount charged.
SurfeitTo feed to fullness or to satiety.
SusceptibilityA specific capability of feeling or emotion.
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