Given below is a list of words placed in alphabetical order. Each word is followed by a few of its synonyms. Note these words whenever you come across them. You should be familiar with most of the words for which synonyms are given if you have done all the exercises till this point thoroughly. So, this list will be giving you synonyms for the words which you know. Thus learning will be easier.

Words Starting with A

AbandonLeave, desert, forsake
AbaseDegrade, disgrace, humiliate
AbhorHate, loathe, detest
AbridgeShorten, abbreviate
AbsoluteUnalterable, unrestricted, unconditional
AbsurdRidiculous, silly, foolish
AbundantAmple, plentiful
AccessoryAdditional, auxiliary, subsidiary
AdeptProficient, skilled, expert
AdherentFollower, stickler
AdhesiveSticky, glue, gum
AdmirePraise, adore, esteem
AdoreRespect, idolise, worship, admire
AdversityMisery, misfortune
AfflictionDistress, sorrow, sadness
AlienForeign, stranger, unknown
AliveLively, vivacious, living
AlleviateRelieve, lighten, ease
AlmsGratuity, donation, grant
AmendImprove, change, emend
AmicableSuitable, friendly, lovable, amiable
AnxietyEagerness, misgiving, worry
ApathyIndifference, neutrality
AppallingTerrific, terrifying, dreadful, horrible
AppositeApt, suitable, well chosen
AppraiseEvaluate, estimate
ApprehendSeize, fear, arrest
ArbitraryDespotic, wayward
AssentAgree, consent, acquiesce
AstonishAstound, surprise, amaze, bewilder
AudaciousBold, courageous, daring
AversionDislike, detestation, hostility, hatred

Words Starting with B

BaseMean, low, ignoble
BegImplore, ask, beseech, solicit
BehaviourConduct, deportment, way, demeanour
BraveCourageous, intrepid, bold, daring, valiant
BriskActive, fast, quick, busy, alert
BrittleFrail, fragile
BrutalAnimal, savage, beastly, cruel
BurglarThief, bandit, brigand, stealer
BystanderSpectator, onlooker, beholder

Words Starting with C

CalculateEstimate, count, reckon, compute
CallousHard, indifferent, cold-blooded
CalmCool, confident, quiet, serene, tranquil
CancelAnnual, withdraw, revoke, delete
CandidSincere, straightforward. frank
CaptivePrisoner, confined, jailed, bonded
CauseMake, originate, induce, generate, create
CensorCut off, prohibit, ban
CensureBlame, condemn, reprove, reprimand
CharacterLetter, emblem, type, OR nature, disposition, quality
CharityPhilanthropy, benevolence
ChastePure, immaculate, virgin, refined
ChatterBabble, ramble, talk, discourse
CheatDefraud, gull, outwit, dupe
CiteQuote, mention, name, adduce
ClothesApparel, attire, dress, garb
ColossalHuge, gigantic, enormous, big
CommenceBegin, start
CommensurateEquivalent, suitable, applicable, proportionate
ConcealHide, cover, shelter, disguise
ConfessAdmit, acknowledge, reveal, agree
Confuse or confoundMix, perplex, astonish, Amaze, bewilder
ConsequentFollowing, resultant, outcome
ConspiracyPlot, intrigue, treason
ConvictFelon, culprit, criminal, guilty
CowardlyCraven, dastardly, fearful, poltroon
CoyModest, shy, reserved
CraftyArtful, adroit, dexetrous, cunning, deceitful
CrazyMad, insane, silly
CredenceBelief, faith, trust, confidence
CrisisTurning point, emergency, decisive moment
CriterionTest, touchstone, standard, yardstick
CriticismAnalysis, review, stricture
CruelBrutal, unmerciful, beastly, savage
CynicalCaptious, incredulous, sarcastic, morose
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