Given below is a list of words placed in alphabetical order. Each word is followed by a few of its synonyms. Note these words whenever you come across them. You should be familiar with most of the words for which synonyms are given if you have done all the exercises till this point thoroughly. So, this list will be giving you synonyms for the words which you know. Thus learning will be easier.

Words Starting with D

DangerHazard, risk, peril
DashRun, rush, fly
DastardlyCowardly, invaliant, afraid, fearful
DawnDaybreak, appear, (sunrise), begin
DeadlyFatal, lethal, destructive
DearthScarcity, lack, want
DebaseDegrade, defame, disparage, humiliate
DecayDecompose, rot, decline in power, wealth, waste, wither, fade
DeceaseDeath, demise, end
DeceitFraud, cheating, forgery
DecipherTranslate, interpret, solve, explain
DecorumDecency, etiquette, propriety, gravity
DecreeLaw, edict, ordinance, mandate, judgement
DefamationCalumny, disparagement, debasement
DefectionAbandonment, desertion
DeferPostpone, delay
DeferenceRespect, reverence, honour
DeformityDisfigurement, malformation, ugliness
DejectedDepressed, distressed, downhearted, downcast
DelectableCharming, delightful, pleasant
DelegateCommission, depute, authorise
DeliberateKnowingly done, intentional, forcible
DelicacySoftness, nicety,slenderness, refinement, purity
DelusionIllusion, fancy, error, false belief
DemeanourBehaviour, conduct, bearing
DemiseDeath, decease
DemolishBreak, destroy, annihilate
DemureModest, coy, humane
DenominationName, appellation, designation
DenounceAccuse, malign, criticise, defame, condemn
DenyContradict, refuse, disavow, withhold
DerideRidicule, mock, taunt
DescantDiscourse, expatiate, enlarge
DesireWish, long for, crave, covet
DesolateLonely, deserted, solitary, devastated
DespiseCondemn, dislike
DespondencyDespair, dejection,hopelessness
DespoticArbitrary, tyrannical, illegal
DestituteNeedy, poor, miserable, indigent
DestructionRuin, demolition, ravage
DetainLock in, arrest, hold, custody
DetestDespise, abhor, dislike
DethroneDepose, remove (from office)
DevastateRuin, demolition, ravage
DevoidLacking, empty, vacant
DevoutReligious, reverent
DexterityAdroitness, cleverness, skill
DiabolicalFiendish, devilish, wicked
DiatribeTirade, denunciation
DictatorialTyrannical, arbitrary, despotic
DiffidentHesitating, doubtful, distrusting
DigressionExcursion, deviation, misguidance
DiligenceCare, industry, effort
DireTerrible, awful, horrible; miserable
DisapproveCondemn, reject, disallow
DisavowDeny, refuse
DiscipleFollower, learner, student
DiscloseReveal, tell, uncover, divulge
DisconsolateSad, cheerless, miserable
DiscreditDisbelieve, doubt, disgrace
DisgustAbhorrence, dislike, detestation
DisorderDisease, illness, OR untidiness, uncleanliness
DisownDisclaim, deny, renounce
DisparageDebase, decry, defame
DisposeAdjust, arrange, incline
DisputeArgument, controversy, altercation
DisregardNeglect, overlook,disrespect
DissoluteCorrupt, mean, lax, licentious
DistasteAbhorrence, dislike, detestation
DistortedBlurred, maligned, changed, disguised, deformed, misrepresented
DistressAffliction, depression, misery
DivertTurn aside, deflect, deviate
DivineHeavenly, metaphysical, godlike
DivulgeReveal, uncover, disclose
DocileAmenable, tractable, submissive
DoctrinePrecept, principle, teaching
DogmaticCategorical, authoritative, firm, preachy
DoltBlockhead, stupid, fool, idiot, dullard
DomicileDwelling, home, residence
DotageSenility, imebcility
DownrightSimple, unquestionable, blunt, frank
DreadApprehend, fear
DrenchSoak, wet
DrowsySleepy, comatose, lazy, lethargic
DubiousSuspicious, doubtful, unreliable
DuctilePliant, yielding, flexible
DupeCheat, befool, steal
DwindleShrink, diminish, decrease

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