6 September 2013

CTET Exam Notes- Environmental Studies

             CTET Exam 2015 Notes- Environmental Studies

This link provides the following topic in EVS: 
Family and Friends, Relationships, Work and Play, Animals, Plants, Food, Shelter, Water, Travel, Things We Make and Do, Concept and scope of EVS, Significance of EVS, integrated EVS, Environmental Studies & Environmental Education, Learning Principles, Scope & relation to Science & Social Science, Approaches of presenting concepts, Activities, Experimentation/Practical Work, Discussion, CCE, Teaching material/Aids Problems
  • EVS Teaching Methods According To The Role Of Learner & Teacher 


    CTET Exam Notes- Teaching of EVS in Hindi Medium

    शिक्षण-अधिगम सहायक सामग्री
    विद्यार्थी एवं अध्यापक की भागीदारी के अनुसार शिक्षण विधियां 

    1. विद्यार्थी नियंत्रित अनुदेशन विधियां : Learner-Directed Instructional Inputs
    2.अध्यापक नियंत्रित अनुदेशन विधियां : Teacher-Directed Instructional Inputs

    शिक्षण कौशल 

    Cbse / Ncert Notes For CTET  New!

    Environmental Studies N.C.E.R.T Books
    Class 3                  -                    ENGLISH                     HINDI
    Class 4                  -                    ENGLISH                     HINDI
    Class 5                  -                    ENGLISH                     HINDI

    Environmental Studies Practice Set

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