6 September 2013

CTET Exam Notes- Teaching of Social Studies

 CTET 2015 Exam Notes- Teaching of Social Studies 

These links covers the following topic in Social Studies :

When, Where and How, The Earliest Societies, The First Farmers and Herders, The First Cities, Early States, New Ideas, The First Empire, Contacts with Distant lands, Political Developments, Culture and Science, New Kings and Kingdoms, Sultans of Delhi, Architecture, Creation of an Empire, Social Change, Regional Cultures, The Establishment of Company Power, Rural Life and Society, Colonialism and Tribal Societies, The Revolt of 1857-58, Women and reform, Challenging the Caste System, The Nationalist Movement, India After Independence

Geography as a social study and as a science, Planet: Earth in the solar system, Globe, Environment in its totality: natural and human environment, Air, Water, Human Environment: settlement, transport and communication, Resources: Types-Natural and HumanAgriculture
Social and Political Life:, Diversity, Government, Local Government, Making a Living, Democracy, State Government, Understanding Media, Unpacking Gender, The Constitution, Parliamentary Government, The Judiciary, Social Justice and the Marginalized

Pedagogical issues :
Concept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies, Class Room Processes, activities and discourse, Developing Critical thinking, Enquiry/Empirical Evidence, Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies, Sources – Primary & Secondary, Projects Work, Evaluation

Cbse / Ncert Notes For CTET  New!

                                               S.ST N.C.E.R.T BOOKS

Class 6 ( English )                -    HISTORY              GEOGRAPHY             CIVICS

             ( Hindi)                  -      HISTORY              GEOGRAPHY             CIVICS

Class 7 ( English )                -  HISTORY               GEOGRAPHY            CIVICS
            ( Hindi )                  -    HISTORY               GEOGRAPHY            CIVICS

Class 8 ( English )     - HISTORY 1          HISTORY 2           GEOGRAPHY            CIVICS

             ( Hindi )         - HISTORY 1          HISTORY 2           GEOGRAPHY            CIVICS

SET 1                   SET 2