16 December 2013

Categories of Plants

  • A herb is a non-woody plant that has green and tender stems with few branches and is usually short.
  • Herbs have a variety of uses including adding flavor to food, providing medicine for diseases and in some cases even adding a spiritual touch.
  • Shrubs are taller than herbs and have stems branching out from the base.
  • The stems of shrubs are hard not but thick.
  • A common place where shrubs are grown is known as shrubbery.
  • A tree is a woody plant that has many branches on a single stem.
  • Trees  benefit us by preventing soil erosion, maintaining the carbon dioxide content in the air and in building huts and making furniture.
  • Threes are categorised based on their height, width of their trunk, their overall size, and of course their age.
  • Creepers are plants with weak stems and hence cannot stand straight. They grow on the ground.
  • Creepers have a tendency to develop new plants on their own.
  • A few creepers could cause allergies or skin problems if touched.
  • Climbers are plants that need support from other structures to grow and spread.
  • Climbers can either move horizontally or vertically unlike creepers that move only horizontally.
  • Climbers attracts insects and reptiles because of their brightly coloured flowers and fragrance.

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