29 January 2014

Kinds Of Quadrilaterals : Maths

Kinds Of Quadrilaterals : Maths NCERT / CBSE Notes

We know that a quadrilateral is a four sided polygon. We can differentiate quadrilaterals based upon the sides and the angles between sides.

Kinds Of Quadrilaterals : Maths, CBSE / NCERT Revision notes

  • quadrilateral with a pair of opposite sides parallel is called a trapezium.
  • If the non parallel sides of the trapezium have the same length, then the trapezium is called anisosceles trapezium.
  • quadrilateral having exactly two distinct consecutive pairs of sides of equal length is called kite.
  • A quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and equal to each other is called a parallelogram

Elements of a Parallelogram:

 In a Parallelogram
  • The sides which have a common vertex are called adjacent sides.
  • Angles having one arm in common are called adjacent angles.
  • Angles at the opposite vertices are called opposite angles.
  • The lines joining the opposite vertices of the parallelogram are called diagonals.
  • The diagonals of a parallelogram are not equal. 

Property: The opposite sides of a parallelogram are equal.
adjacent sides, adjacent angles, opposite angles, diagonals
Property: The opposite angles of a parallelogram are of equal measure.
opposite angles of a parallelogram
Property: The diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other.
diagonals of a parallelogram

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