27 January 2014

Linear Equations : Maths

Linear Equations : Maths NCERT / CBSE Notes

Linear Equations : Maths, NCERT Revision Notes, Cbse notes
  1. We know that Arithmetic expressions are mathematical expressions that are made up of numbers.
  2. Algebraic expressions are made up of variables and numbers.
  3. Algebraic expressions with degree one are called linear expressions.
  4. All expressions that have degree greater than one are not linear.
  5. An equation can be defined as a mathematical statement that uses symbols to express equality between mathematical expressions.
  6. The expression on the left of the equality sign is the ‘LHS’ of the equation, while that on the right is its ‘RHS.
  7. The value for which the LHS and RHS of an equation is called the Solution of the equation.
  8. An algebraic equation can be solved by performing mathematical operations  and  to both sides of the equation or by transposing a number to the other side and performing the opposite operation on the number so transposed.
  9. linear equation may have a rational number as its solution.

Application of Linear Equations                           
  1. linear equation in one variable may have variables on both sides of the equation.
  2. While solving the linear equations Numbers and Variables can be transposed from one side of an equation to the other side of the equation.
  3. Using Linear Equations we can solve word problems 
  4. For solving a Non-Linear Equation we have to reduce the Non Linear Equation into a linear Equation.

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