28 January 2014

Preposition ( AT, IN, ON)

The prepositions at in and on can be confusing sometimes. the following is how to use these prepositions:

  • At is used to locate something at a certain point.
  • The word "at" shows us WHERE something is. It doesn't tell us whether it is beside, inside, below or above. It simply shows WHERE.

We use "at" when talking about positions or locations.

  •          at the bus station
  •          at the entrance
  •         at the crossroads
  •          at the junction
  •         at the top of the mountain
  •         at John's house

We were waiting at the bus stop when it started to rain.

He was at the entrance of the theater when he heard the noise.

  • In is used to locate something enclosed in a space.
  • We use "in" when talking about a position INSIDE something else.

  •         In a box
  •         In a car
  •          In a building
  •          In my pocket
  •          In my bag
  •          In New York
  •          In Spain

They found a lot of money in his pocket

I 've lived in London for two years

  • On is used to indicate position above and in contact with the surface of something:
  • We use "on" when one thing is ATTACHED to or TOUCHING another.

  •          On the wall
  •          On the door
  •          On the table
  •          On the ceiling
  •          On the carpet
  •          On the page
  •          On the cover

The picture on the wall is fantastic.

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