21 February 2014

Other Theories of Cognitive Development

Other theories of cognitive development

Jerome Bruner (b 1915) also emphasised the connection between language and thought. He saw children as active participants in making sense of their world. Like Vygotsky, he saw that
cognitive development to be a social process and he promoted the idea of discovery learning, where the environment provides the answers but the child makes the connections. He also used the term scaffolding to describe the role of  others in frosting  a child’s social development (Nixon and Aldwinckle, 2003)

Information processing theory
This theory sees the mind’s structure as similar to a computer, with information going in through the senses, being processed, and memory skills being used to decide if the material is retained or lost.

Learning theories
Behaviourists, or learning theorists - Bandura, Skinner and others emphasise the importance of reward or punishment in shaping a child’s learning , as well as the importance of role models and caregiver input (Nixon and Aldwinckle, 2003)