19 February 2014

Visualising Solid Shapes

Introduction to Solid Shapes

  • Plane or to dimensional figures have only length and breadth and they lie in a single plane whereas three dimensional solids have length, breadth and height and they do not lie entirely on a plane.
  • The flat surfaces that form the skin of solid are called its faces, the line segments that form the skeleton are called edges and the points
  • where the edges meet are called vertices.
  • All two dimensional figures can be identified as the faces of three dimensional solid shapes.
  • The net of a three dimensional solid is a two dimensional skeleton outline, which when folded results in the three dimensional shape.
  • Solid shapes can be drawn on a flat surface, which is known as the two dimensional representation of a three dimensional solid.
  • Sketches of solid are two types; oblique and isometric.
  • Oblique sketches are drawn on squared paper. They do not have exact lengths but still covey all the significant aspects of the appearance of a solid.
  • Isometric sketches are drawn on dotted or isometric sheets and have the exact measurements of solids.
  • Viewing the different section of Solids
  • Three dimensional objects are solids have lengths, breadth and height and look different from various locations.
  • Sections of a solid can be viewed in a number of ways.
  • Visualizing a solid help to analyse or see the hidden parts of the solid.
  • A solid can be viewed from different angles. Viewing a solid from the front, side and top are three most common ways of viewing the solid.
  • Cutting or slicing a solid with result in its cross-section, which is also one way of viewing the section of a solid.
  • Observing the two dimensional shadow of a three dimension solid is also a method of viewing a solid.
  • Shadows of solids are of different sizes depending on the position of the solid and he position of the source of light.

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