4 April 2014

CTET Child Development Set 1 Answers

1: (c) the system has failed

2: (b) provide good education in rural areas

3: (a) adopting child-centred pedagogy

4: (a) celebrates diversity in the classroom

[Note: Inclusive education brings all students together in one classroom, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses in any area. Its objective is to maximize the potential of all students.]

5:  (c) True or False

[Note: Objective questions are to the point questions with clarity]

6: (c) Frequent tests and examinations

[Note: Progressive Learning put emphasis on learning by doing, problem solving and critical thinking]

7: (c) Keep him in a normal class but will make special arrangements for teaching him, keeping his

special needs in view

8: (c) the experiences and perceptions of learners are important

[Note: Critical pedagogy is a teaching approach which attempts to help students question and challenge domination, and the beliefs and practices that dominate them. Loosely based on Marxist theory.]

9: (a) content coverage

10: (a) teachers know their learners' capabilities better than external examiners

11: (a) provide a variety of learning experiences

12: (a) It does not proceed at the same pace for all

13: (c) psychological, cognitive, emotional and physical

14: (d) Construction of knowledge

15: (d) Separation anxiety