5 April 2014




We will not give you any standard definition of science as given by scholars nor the definition given by scientists. Instead we will help you to define science in your own words as you develop an understanding of science.

Human beings are curious by nature. They have a highly developed mind because of which they can observe precisely, correlate observations and predict future happenings on the basis of their observations. This ability has helped human beings to adjust to                                                           nature. 
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They explore, interpret and change the physical world according to their own need and requirement. The process of observing, describing, exploring and using the physical world is nothing but science.

Suppose Aman says "All insects have three pairs of limbs." If this statement is Aman's own observation then we will say that Aman is learning science. 

What are the sequences after which Aman has given this statement?

Aman saw an ant moving on a wall and while observing its movement his attention was diverted to its legs. On another occasion  he saw an housefly and his attention was drawn on its legs. Aman was amazed to note that it also had the same number of legs as an ant had. In this way Aman's instances of observing insects goes on increasing and he gave the conclusion that 'all insects have 3 pair of limbs.'

The first observation could he chance observation but once he realised the similarities his further observations became more intentional or selected some element of curiosity was involved in Aman's second observation onward. During the intentional observations Aman might have observed other creatures also which he kept in other categories. He could have retained his attention only  on inspects and that too on the part of body responsible for locomotion. Aman is learning science. Aman has not given the statement on the basis of only one observation Learning of science is a lengthy and continuous process.

 Let us see what is this process?----> HERE

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