26 July 2014

General Knowledge - Learn Names of Buildings


Last time we publish notes about Indian General Knowledge - Important Facts Of Indian History 

Today we are giving you to learn  names of different types of buildings and why they are being called by these names. This list of Buildings name will help in your competitive/ Entrance exam preparation.

It is example of notes, you can download full notes at the bottom of the post.

Adoble A house made from sun-dried bricks of clay and straw - usually built in warm, dry climates like the south western U.S.

Apartment A set of rooms in a building which usually contains other similar sets of rooms.

Barracks A building or set of buildings used to house soldiers.

Boardinghouse A house in which rooms are rented and meals are served in a common dining room.

Bungalow A small house with a low,wide roof and a porch. It is usually one story high.

Chalet A mountain house with a wide,overhanging roof and posts and beams. The style originated in Switzerland.

Chateau A home for nuns.

Cottage A small country home or summer house used for vacations.

Duplex Apartment An apartment with two floors of living space.

Duplex House A house divided into two living units.

Estate A large country house with seperate buildings on a large tract of land.

Farmhouse Thie dwelling for people who live and work on a farm raising animals or crops.

Flat An apartment on one floor of a building.

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