29 August 2014

CTET Set- 3 (Social Science) with Answers

On our last practice papers we gave you CTET Set- 2 (Social Science)  with answer and now we are giving practice set of Social Science preparation for your TET exam. So Hurry practice with more practice papers and get success in your exam.

CTET Practice Paper Set-03
(Social Science)

1. The layer that reflects the radio waves back to the surface of the earth is…….
(a) exosphere
(b) troposphere
(c) ionosphere  
(d) stratosphere

2. ‘Missiles’ are manufactured by…….
(a) Nuclear Fuel Complex
(b) Bharat Dynamics Ltd.  
(c) Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
(d) Bharat Heavy Plates and Vessels Ltd.

3. The conventional sign ‘R.H.’ on a given map on a given map denotes a ………….
(a) rural habitation
(b) regional habitation
(c) railway house
(d) rest house  

4. Identify the countries which have a coastal line in Africa.
(a) Zambia, Mali
(b) Zimbabwe, Chad
(c) Libya, Egypt, Morocco  
(d) Niger, Uganda

5. ‘Cyclones’ are known by this name in the Gulf of Mexico.
(a) Willy-Willy
(b) Cyclones
(c) Hurricanes  
(d) Typhoons

6. The cause for inclination of the earth towards the east is……..
(a) due to the presence of oceans an continents.
(b) the weight of ice in Antarctica is more than the weight of continents in the northern
(c) it has a slight bulge at the equator  
(d) the Greenwich Meridian divides the earth into two halves

7. This will happen if the earth’s rotation is stopped.
(a) The earth loses magnetic forced at the poles and it is attracted towards the sun.

(b) The moon’s revolution will be stopped.
(c) The poles will change their places.
(d) The water bodies will go dry

8. Ravi was born on 29th February, 1964. The number of birthdays he has celebrated upto
the year 2011 is……..
(a) 10
(c) 13
(4) 11  

9. ‘Kolkata’ is located at 880 E longitude and Chennai at 700 E longitude. The time
difference between these two cities is…….
(a) 1 hr 12 mins  
(b) 1 hr 16 mins
(c) 1 hr 04 mins
(d) 1 hr 08 mins

10. The temperature in ‘Visakhapatnam’ is 400 C. The temperature on Mt. Everest at the
height of 8848, mts will be…..
(a) 120C
(c) 150 C
(d) -150 C

11. The Negroes of central and south Africa are known as..
(a) Bantus
(b) Burshmen  
(c) Pigmies
(d) Bedouins

12. The flat lands which are 300mts above the sea level known as…….
(a) plains
(b) low lands
(c) high lands  
(d) valleys

13. ‘Anemos’ means….
(a) water
(b) birds
(c) animals
(d) wind  

14. The Panama canal connects these two water bodies.
(a) The Pacific and the Atlantic oceans  
(b) The Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea
(c) The Indian and the Atlantic oceans
(d) The Indian and the Pacific oceans

15. The world famous Niagara falls are located between these two lakes.
(a) Michigan and Superior
(b) Superior and Ontario
(c) Erie and Ontario  
(d) Huran and Michigan

16. One of the following deserts is not a hot desert.
(a) Gobi  
(b) Kalahari
(c) Atacama
(d) Sahara

17. The Chalukya king who defeated the Rashtrakutas and occupied Malkhed was…….
(a) Tailapa-III
(b) Someswara-IV
(c) Tailapa-I
(d) Tailapa – II  

18. Azad Hind Fauz was formed during this period.
(a) First war of independence.
(b) Noncooperation movement
(c) World war-I
(d) World war – II  

19. The capital of British India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi at the end of this
(a) Civil disobedience movement
(b) Home rule movement
(c) Salt satyagraha movement
(d) Vandemataram movement  

20. Santals were the tribal people of these states.
(a) Orissa and Andhra Pradesh
(b) Karnataka and Maharashtra
(c) Bengal and Bihar  
(d) Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

21. English was introduced in India by this Governor General.
(a) Cornwallis
(b) Warren Hastings
(c) Wellesley
(d) William Bentinck  

22. The King who started the Saka era is.
(a) Srimukha Satakarni
(b) Harshavardhana
(c) Ashoka
(d) Kanishka  

23. The ‘Satavahana empire’ was divided into…….
(a) Nadulu
(b) Valanadulu
(c) Viharas
(d) Aharas  

24. ‘Alberuni’ was the court scholar of this king.
(a) Mohammed-Bin-Tughlak
(b) Ala-ud-din Khilji
(c) Ghori Mohammed
(d) Gajini Mohammed  

25. The names of the Satavahana kings are given below:
(a) Pulomavi
(b) Srimukha Satakarni
(c) Yagnasri Satakarni
(d) Hala
Identify the correct option which has the chronological order of the Satavahana dynasty
(a) B,C,A,D
(b) C, B, D, A
(c) A, B, C, A
(d) B, A, D, C  

26. ‘Kusi Nagara’ was the death place of this person.
(a) Guru Nanak
(b) Ashoka, the Great
(c) Buddha  
(d) Vardhamana Mahavira

27. The Pandyas ruled from this place.
(a) Devagiri
(b) Malkhed
(c) Madurai  
(d) Dwara Samudra

28. The Mughal emperor who gave permission to the English to trade with India was……
(a) Jahangir  
(b) Shahjahan
(c) Aurangzeb
(d) Akbar

29. ‘Ibadat Khana’ which was constructed by ‘Akbar’ was a………
(a) court hall
(b) auditorium
(c) prayer hall  
(d) meeting hall

30. The woman who resisted the Moghuls at Ahmednagar was……..
(a) Rani Rudrama
(b) Jhansi Laxmi Bai
(c) Chand Bibi  

(d) Zizia Bai

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