5 August 2014

CTET Set- 2 (Social Science) with Answers

On our last practice papers we give you General Awareness Practice Set with answer and now we are giving practice set of Social Science preparation for your TET exam. So Hurry practice with our practice papers and get success in your exam.

CTET Practice Paper Set-02(Social Science)

1. The Indian Union comprises ____ states and ____ union territories.
a. 28, 7
b. 29,7
c. 27, 8
d. 28, 8

2. The Constitution of India contains _______ Parts, ______ Articles, and ____ Schedules.
a. XXII, 449, 14
b. XXII, 501, 13
c. XXII, 449, 12
d. XXII, 448, 12

3. USA is an example for
a. Single party system
b. dual party system
c. multi – party system
d. no party system

4. The International Court of Justice is situated in
a. New York
b. San Francisco
c. Washington
d. The Hague

5. The ‘Operation Blackboard’ was introduced in
a. NEP 1986
b. SSA 2002
c. Education Policy 1968
d. NEP 1991

6. The per capita income shows the
a. living conditions of the people in a country
b. living standards of the rich in a country
c. living conditions of the poor in a country
d. living standards of the people in a country

7. What is the full from of ICAR?
a. Indian Committee for Agricultural Regions
b. Indian Council for Agricultural Research
c. Indian Committee for Agricultural Research
d. Indian Council for Agricultural Regions

8. ‘Law of Supply’ states that there is a direct relationship between the
a. price of the commodity and the quantity supplied
b. price of the commodity and the quality of the commodity
c. rise in price and quality of the commodity
d. fall in price and quality of the commodity

9. Demand and supply react to bring the price to equilibrium level, if the price is above or
below the equilibrium price. This is called
a. price equilibrium
b. supply equilibrium
c. market equilibrium
d. demand equilibrium

10. The unique Indian Rupee symbols is a blend of
a. Devanagari ‘Ra’ and English ‘R’
b. Devanagari ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’
c. Hindi ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’
d. Hindi ‘Ra’ and English ‘R’

11. The Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, Tata Iron and Steel, Jamshedpur, Salem Steel are
examples of

a. large scale industry
b. small scale industry
c. medium scale industry
d. cottage industry

12. The country which excels in density of population is
a. India
b. China
c. Bangladesh
d. Pakistan

13. The Tamil Nadu State is located between the latitudes
a. 18˚ 05’ to 23˚ 09’ North
b. 8˚ 05’ to 13˚ 09’ North
c. 8˚ 05’ to 23˚ 09’ North
d. 13˚ 09’ to 23˚ 09’ North

14. The first Atomic Power Station of Tamil Nadu is located at
a. Kudankulam
b. Kalpakkam
c. Aralvaimozhi
d. Dindigul

15. What does TNPL stand for?
a. Tamil Nadu Paper Limited
b. Tamil Nadu Press Legacy
c. Tamil Nadu Print Limited
d. Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Limiter.

16. Which one of the following statements is correct with regard to the qualification of the
Supreme Court Judge?
a. He / she must be a citizen of Indian
b. He / she must have worked at least 5 years as advocate in High Court
c. He / she must have worked as advocate in Munsiff Court.
d. He /she must have attained 65 years of age.

17. Article 21A of our Constitution guarantees
a. Right to life
b. Right to primary education
c. Right to establish educational institutions
d. Right to move anywhere in India

18. Which of the following statements is not false?
a. The main factor of child labour is literacy of parents
b. The employer has to pay the entire wage to the child
c. Poverty is the factor for child labour
d. Child labour is between the age group of 6 – 14 years.

19. The first meeting of SAARC was held at Dhaka in Bangladesh on
a. 6thDecember, 1985
b. 7thDecember 1986
c. 6thDecember, 1986
d. 7thDecember, 1985

20. Bureau of Indian Standards caters to
a. Industrial and consumer goods
b. Agricultural products
c. Crackers and match – box production
d. Standards of living of the citizens

21. Which one of the following is not a function of money?
a. Medium of exchange
b. Measure of value
c. Standard of deferred payments
d. Instrument of unity

22. Match the factors of production from List A with their rewards from List B:
List A List B
a. Land 1. Profit
b. Labour 2. interest
c. Capital 3. wages
d. Organization 4. rent
a. 4 3 2 1
b. 3 1 2 4
c. 3 2 4 3
d. 4 2 4 1

23. Which one of the following is not a form of capital?
a. physical capital
b. Money capital
c. Natural capital
d. Human capital

24. Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
a. Society and community are interdependent
b. Society has a purpose – a common well being
c. Society comprises of various groups, which depend on each other.
d. Society demands certain way of living from the individuals.

25. Which one of the following is not the function of the village Panchayat?
a. Digging the well in the village
b. Maintaining playgrounds in the village
c. Laying village roads
d. Generating electricity in the village
26. The Manchester of South India is
a. Coimbatore
b. Palayamkottai
c. Erode
d. Madurai

27. To calculate the time of any place in India, the longitude that is considered, is
a. 83˚ 20’ East
b. 20˚ 83’ East
c. 30˚ 82’ East
d. 82˚ 30’ East

28. The Eastern Ghats run parallel to the East Coast between the rivers
a. Mahanadi, Godavari
b. Krishna, Vaigai
c. Mahanadi, Vaigai
d. Godavari, Vaigai

29. Western Rajasthan remains a desert because
a. South west monsoon winds does not reach there
b. South west monsoon winds blow parallel to Aravali hills
c. South west monsoon winds are obstructed by Aravali hills
d. South west monsoon winds lose moisture when it reaches Aravali hills.

30. Which one of the following statements is not true?
a. Wheat is cultivated both in winter and summer
b. Wheat production has increased in Punjab due to Green Revolution
c. Wheat is largely produced in Thanjavur
d. Wheat is an important food crop in India.


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