7 November 2014

Chronology of Space Travel - G.K

Chronology of Space Travel

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1957 :
Russia launched Sputnik I, first man-made satellite in orbit, and Sputnik II carrying the dog Laika.
1958 :
USA launched Explorer I and Pioneer III discovered Van Allen Radiation belts.
1959 :
Russia launched Lunik I, Lunik IIand Lunik III, and photographed the hidden side of the Moon.
1960 :
USA launched Explorer VII. USSR launched Lunik IV with dogs Belka and Strelka. Put them in Orbit and brought them back.

1961 :
Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made man's first space flight (one orbit). Second Russian spaceman Gherman Titov made 24 hours (17 orbit) flight in Vostok II.
1962 :
First American John Glenn made three orbits. US Ranger 4 was the first to reach Moon.Russia sent first probe on Mars.Russian cosmonauts Papel Popovick and Audrian Nikolayev floated in space.

1963 :
Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to orbit the globe more then 48 times.
1964 :
Russia sent Voskhod I with three men on board (first time more than one person).
1965 :
From Voskhod II Russian Alexei Leonov walked in space for 10 minutes. From Gemini Edward White made first American space walk. Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford made space rendevous when they brought US spaceship Gemini 6 within one foot of Gemini 7.
1966 :
Russian Luna 9 made soft landing on Moon and sent TV pictures. US surveyor I made first first soft landing on Moon.

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1967 :
Space disasters. 3 Americans and 1 Russian Spaceman were killed in their crafts due to mishap.
1969 :
Russian probes Venera 5 and 6 landed on Venus returning data.American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on Moon on July 20. Americans made second landing on Moon on November 14.
1970 :
Russia soft landed Luna 17 (unmanned) on Moon used first propelled Vehicle 8-wheel Lunokhod, on Moon for exploration.
1971 :
Alan shepard and Edgar Mitchell made third landing on Moon with Apollo 14. David Scott and James Irwin made fourth landing on Moon by using the first artificial satellite of Mars.Russia launched Salyut space station. Soyuz II docked with Salyut in space. Russian Capsule from Mars 2 crashed on Mars surface on 21 November.
1972 :
America launched Pioneer 10 on 1000 million km flight to Jupiter. Pioneer 10 passed through Jupiter belt and passed Jupiter transmitting pictures. It is the first man made object scheduled to escape solar system. 6th and last Apollo mission of USA landed on Moon in December, and astronauts Cernan and Schmitt made a record 75 hour stay on Moon and collected lunar samples.

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