18 November 2014

Electronics and Computers

Electronics and Computers

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No.      Question                                                                                                Answer

01        The unit of frequency is                                                                          Hertz

02        The unit of resistance is                                                                          Ohm

03        The device which makes or breaks a circuit is                                       Switch

04        The path of an electric current is known as a                                         Circuit

05        Device which opposes the flow of electric current is known as             Resistor

06        Arc Lamp was invented by                                                                     C.F.Brush

07        Television was invented by                                                                     J.L.Baird

08        Transistor was invented by                                              J.Bardeen,W.Shockley and W.Brattain

09        The unit of wavelength of light is                                                          Angstrom

10        A device which converts light into electricity is known as                    Photo cell

11        Hertz was the first to discover                                                                Radio waves

12        Marconi invented                                                                                    Radio

13        In 1901, Marconi beamed a signal from Cornwall in England to         Newfoundland

14        Thomas Edison was an                                                                           American inventor

15        A glass tube with two electrodes is called a                                           Diode

16        Lee de Forest was an                                                                              American scientist

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