19 December 2014

Geographical Epithets

General Knowledge Notes: Geographical Epithets

Its just an example of Geographical Epithets PDF Notes, Download Full PDF file at the bottom of the post.

Bengal’s Sorrow: Damodar River
Blue Mountains: Nilgiri Hills
China’s Sorrow: Hawang-Ho
City Beautiful: Chandigarh
City of Dreaming Spires: Oxford
City of Golden Gate: San Francisco

City of Magnificent Buildings: Washington
City of Palaces: Calcutta
City of Seven Hills: Rome
City of Sky-scrapers: New York
Cockpit of Europe: Belgium
Dark Continent: Africa
Emerald Isle: Ireland
Eternal City: Rome
Forbidden City: Lhasa (Tibet)
Garden City: Chicago
Gate of Tears: Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb
Gateway of India: Bombay
Gift of the Nile: Egypt
Granite City: Aberdeen
Hermit Kingdom: Korea
Herring Pond: Atlantic Ocean
Holy Land: Palestine
Island Continent: Australia
Island of Cloves: Zanzibar
Isle of Pearls: Bahrain (Persian Gulf)
Key to the Mediterranean: Gibraltar
Land of Cakes: Scotland
Land of Golden Fleece: Australia
Land of Maple: Canada
Land of Morning Calm: Korea
Land of Thousand Lakes: Finland
Land of the Midnight Sun: Norway
Land of the Rising Sun: Japan
Land of the Thunderbolt: Bhutan
Land of White Elephant: Thailand
Loneliest Island: Tristan De Gunha (Mid-Atlantic)
Never Never land: Vast Prairies of N. Australia
Pearl of the Antilles: Cuba
Pearl of the Pacific: Guayaquil port of Ecuador
Pillars of Hercules: Straits of Gibraltar
Playground of Europe: Switzerland
Quaker City: Philadelphia
Queen of the Adriatic: Venice
Roof of the World: The Pamirs, Central Asia
Rose-pink City: Jaipur
Sorrow of China: Yellow River
Spice Garden of India: Kerala
Sugar bowl of the World: Cuba
Venice of the East: Alappuzha
Venice of the North: Stockholm
White man’s grave: Guinea Coast of Africa
Windy City: Chicago