6 December 2014

CBSE NCERT Solution : On the Trail of the Earliest People

CBSE NCERT Class VI (6th) | History Social Studies (Our Pasts-1) Unit Lesson : 2  On the Trail of the Earliest People

CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer

Q1.     Fill in the blanks:

1.  Hunter gatherers chose to live in caves and rock shelters because they provided shelter from rain, heat and wind.
2.  Grasslands developed around 1200 years ago.
3.  Early people painted on the walls of the caves.
4.  In Hunsgi, tools were made of limestone.
Q2.     Why did the hunter gatherers travel from place to place? In what ways are these similar to or different from the reasons from which we travel today?
Answer        The hunter gatherers travelled from place to place for the following reasons:
1.  To search for food once the available plant and animal resources had exhausted.
2.  Animals move from one place to another, hunters and gatherers also move from place to place while hunting them.
3.  Plants bear fruits in different seasons. They might move from place to place in search of these plants and fruits.
4.  Some rivers and lakes are seasonal. People living near to these regions move to other places when these areas dried up.
CBSE NCERT Class VI (6th) | History Social Studies (Our Pasts-1) Unit Lesson : 2  On the Trail of the Earliest People, CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer, CBSE NCERT Solution.Nowadays, people travel for different reasons. They might travel for picnics, business purpose, meet their friends and relatives and visit places for leisure.

Q3.     List three ways in which hunter gatherers used fire?
Answer        Ways in which hunter gatherers used fire were as follows:
1.  To scare away animals.
2.  To cook meat
3.  To warm themselves during cold weather.
        4.  Used fire as a source of light.

Q4.     Who were hunter gatherers? What did they do?
Answer   People who lived in the sub-continent as early as two million years ago are termed as hunter gatherers. They hunted wild animals, caught fish and birds, gathered fruits, roots, nuts, seeds, leaves, stalk and eggs.

Q5.     What are the techniques applied in making stone tools?

·        Stone to stone: In this technique, the pebble from which the tool was to be made (called as core) was held in one hand. Another stone used as hammer was held in the other hand. The second stone was used to strike off flakes from the first, till the required shape was obtained.
·        Pressure Flaking: Here the core was placed on a firm surface. The hammer stone was used on a piece of bone or stone that was placed on the core to remove flakes in order to obtain required flakes.

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