16 January 2015

Auditory Aids in Teaching-Learning Process

CTET 2015 Exam Notes 

Auditory Aids in Teaching-Learning Process

These are also an effective aid, usually radios, recorders, gram phones come under this category.

Using a record player for teaching:

  1. A record player can be used in the following ways in the actual class room situation
  2. A record player can be used to supplement a lesson.
  3. A record player can be used for an appreciation lesson in music.
  4. A record player can be used for an appreciation lesson in literature.
  5. A record player can be used for students to acquire the singing ability, deliver a speech properly, and recite a poem in the right way.
  6. The player can be used to end or conclude a lesson;
  7. Introduce a lesson and review a lesson.
  8. A record player can be used for physical exercises accompanied with music


A tape recorder is a portable electronic gadget to record, reproduce, erase and re record sound on a magnetic tape. This device can be used without much fuss by any body by operating the following press buttons attached to the recorder, viz, stop, play, wind, rewind, record, pause, and eject.

Advantages of Tape-Recorder

  1. It can be used to improve pronunciation and recitation, prose reading stress, intonation etc.
  2. A series of recorded tapes on English pronunciation, conversation, speech and other language exercise are available. These can be used for giving required training to the students.
  3. The great advantage of a tape recorder is that the habitual mistake maker can hear his speech and can improve it.
  4. It records the voices of pupils and it before him reproduces. Then teacher tells him where he has committed a mistake.
  5. Even the best speech models can also be recorded and preserved in a tape and reproduced at will. A tape recorder thus serves a linguistic refrigerator.
  6. A tape recorder can be used record a story, a talk, a song or a play from the radio.
  7. Moreover, the same tape can be used indefinitely, if the recording is not meant to be permanent for any material, can simply be erased by recording again on it.
  8. It can also be used for giving drills to the students.
  9. Tape-recorder can also be used for learning spellings of the words. In the class­ room, the students may be ear-minded.
  10. It can be sent from one place to another.
Thus, a tape recorder has many uses as an essential language tool. It is a very useful aid for self examination, self criticism and self-education.
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Radio is the most prominent audio teaching aid used for teaching  purpose. Through radio broadcast,
educational, cultural and social knowledge  can easily be communicated. Seminars, lectures, workshops can be  disseminated through the radio channel effectively.

There are a number of  merits and demerits of radio as instructional materials which include: 

The advantages of radio as an instructional medium include:

a) It is far  less expensive than T.V,
b) A very wide coverage of audience is possible  through radio lectures,
c) It can broadcast events immediately as they happen.

Radio broadcast are wordily interesting because radio transmits music and  drama.

The disadvantages of radio as an instructional medium include:

a) It does not allow students the opportunity to ask questions during educational broadcasts,
b) Radio speakers talk at their own speed without  knowing if the listeners are following,
c) Educational broadcasts usually come on at odd times (Nwanna-Nzewunwa, 2003).

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