21 January 2015

Approaches of Presenting Concepts

CTET 2015 Exam Notes : TEACHING OF EVS

Approaches of Presenting Concepts

‘How to teach’ is a really difficult problem for the teacher. Teaching, as it is generally said, is an art. ‘Why’ and ‘What’ of environmental studies have so far been discussed, and now deals with the ‘how’ of environmental studies. “How to impart its Knowledge? How the enable the child to learn, it” are the questions to be answered in this discussion. It is the final step of the execution of what we plan to teach in environment studies.

Different methods of teaching have been proposed or propounded by different educational thinkers or schools of thought in education. It is but desirable for the student to know about all of them, so that he can make a rational choice for himself. The knowledge of procedures, merits and demerits of all the method will broaden the outlook of a would-be teacher. The choice for him in not to be made narrow. It should be then left him to decide from his wide information, which of the methods to use and when.

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The following methods have been discussed in details: 

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