16 January 2015

Evaluation of Language Skills


Evaluation of Language Skills

Evaluation in Listening Skill

Picture Comprehension- 

The teacher shows the class a large picture depicting some scenes of which are statements about it. Some of which are correct and some are incorrect. They give answer according to the subject-matter what they listen before.

Evaluation of Speaking Skill

Oral Tests

Oral tests must form an essential part of evaluation of spoken English skill of the students. In the beginning, tests should be mostly oral, written tests can be introduced only at a stage. Oral test must not be ignored at least in the measurement and evaluation of spoken English skill.

Oral tests are the best means of improving the pronunciation of the students and measuring their oral expression. They not only keep the students alert and attentive but also stimulate their mental activity.
Short questions should be put on familiar objects and topics taught in the class during the session and the students should be asked to give their answer orally.

Oral test should test the following objectives of the students-

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Expression skill

Listen comprehension- Should be tested with the help of picture comprehension.
Expression Skill- should be tested by answering questions on the basis of picture theme.

Evaluation of Reading Skill

A student's achievement in reading can be evaluated from his responses to new material. Familiar material may elicit only memorized responses.
So, tests of reading should have three unseen passages, each of a different kind of writing i.e. dialogue, conversation, narration and description.
This  is  to  ensure  that  the  student  has  developed  the  ability  to  read  and comprehend different kind of prose.

Reading comprehension  should be separated from expression. Many students are unable to express themselves, though they comprehend.
1.                Supply the right form of the tense
Gita ------------------- to Delhi yesterday (went, had gone has gone).

2.                Complete the following sentences-
All that glitters                          ____ Walk quickly                         ____

3.      Fill in the blanks with the words given below-
by, to, against, hence, playing, on, in
We are                    football. He is going       College.
The fan is --------------- my hand.

Evaluation of Vocabulary-

1.                Meaning of words and phrases
2.                Use of words and phrases in sentences
3.                Word-building
4.                Spelling and punctuation

Evaluation of Description

1.              Story comprehension
2.            Body Motion Test- The teacher asks a student to perform certain physical action.
3.            Writing answers to a story.

Testing Expression Ability-

  1. Producing Different Sounds- The teacher writes down pairs of words similar in sound.
  2. Describing a picture- The teacher shows a picture and asks the students to say two or three lines about it.
  3. Conversation- Group discussion should be performed in class under the direction of teacher.
  4. Reading aloud- Through reading, stress and intention should be checked by teacher.
  5. Describing Actions- is also a way of testing expression ability.

Evaluation of Writing Skill

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Free composition is not a satisfactory device to test pupil's a satisfactory device to test pupil's
achievement in writing in English. So, questions may be set on same functional topics.
The questions for testing the pupil's achievement in writing should be definite, real and purposeful.

Write an essay in about 150 words,clearing with the following point.
Why did you go the railway station? How did you go to bus stand?

Change the form of narration-
She said, "I shall go to Delhi tomorrow?"

Join these into one sentence
The actress sings a sweet song. I listener to it

Put the following group  of  words  in the right  order to make  correct sentences.
are drawing water/ from the well/ the women. Combine the following sentence using the link word. I like the picture. You showed it to me (which)

Write the following sentences in the plural
There is a cup of tea and a bottle of milk on the table.

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