20 January 2015



Source Method:-

Source method means the teacher will tell the different sources from where some information can be received or collected. It an activity method of teaching social sciences and sciences. It provides first
hand experiences and lead to better understanding of the subject.
It means the utilization of the available human and material sources capable of providing useful information and knowledge related to a particular subject or topic for the realization of the stipulated teaching – learning objectives in a particular teaching – learning situation. The different sources which are available for making content interesting and fruitful include written records, institutions of social interest, building and monuments, tools, rocks, metals and stone inscriptions, coins, literature etc.
Source method is an activity oriented method. It is generally used in social studies subject also.
Generally sources mean a person, books or document or picture or actual objects that can provide information for learning. It is learning directly from the actual sources for examples for social studies they can be- A contract with the bank – or studying the sample of stone collected from the moon or an object found from any ancient place can also be studied. One can also take students to museums to find the objects to study.

Education Significance:-

1. It is helpful in the sense that it develops the habit of self-study, self – evaluation, i.e, it makes the learners research minded.

2. It is very useful in the learning and teaching of the concepts, facts, principles, events, phenomenon
related to different subjects.

3. It develops the skills of collecting data, shifting the relevant and organizing the same.

4. They get first hand experiences about different sources which retains for long time.

5. It makes the teaching more realistic, more interesting and more vivid.

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There are three types of sources in this method.

1 Material resource: Ideas, machines, weapons etc.

2 Oral resources: Songs, folk stories, traditions, customs etc.

3 Written and printed resources: Records, reports, letters etc.


1 Demonstration or presentation by the teacher.

2 Locate related reading material and assign reading to the study.

3 Problem solving by students; with group discussion among the students.


  • It provides direct, first hand experience.
  • It develops a sense of reality
  • It creates motivating and interesting ambience in the class.
  • It develops skill of data collection, thinking skill and observation skill.
  • It makes the subject meaningful.
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