14 January 2015

The Communicative Approach


The Communicative Approach

The communicative approach is the recent and latest approach of teaching English. It enables the students to communicate his ideas in a better way. The socio-linguists Dell Hymes propagates this approach.
Trim,  David  and  Henny  has  developed  this  approach  as  National Functionalism and the communicative approach.

Characteristics of Communicative Approach of  English teaching

1. The communicative approach is based upon need analysis and planning to prepare communicative curriculum and syllabus.

2. It is based  upon  the  concept  of  how  language  is used  and  what  is functional utility of language.
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3.  It lays less stress on grammar.

4. It is based  upon  the  concept  of  how  language  is used  and  what  is functional utility of language.

5.  It lays emphasis on language in use rather than language as structure.

6. It gives emphasis on the semantic objective of the language which means the meaning of language in real life situations and contexts.

7. The  skills  of  speaking  and  writing  are  included  in  communicative approach.

8. It provides the communicative opportunities where the students may be able to communicate their ideas through dialogue, discussions,and debate literary and cultural  activities of the school.

Merits of communicative Approach-

  • It develops the speech ability among the students.
  • It teaches different ways of expression.
  • This approach is based on the practical utility.
  • It lays more stress on the functional value of the language.
  • It enables the students to communicate their ideas both inside and outside the class room

Demerits of communicative Approach

  • This approach ignores grammar and structures.
  • It is not properly and scientifically developed .
  • It is a new approach and it is to be used and tested in our schools for language teaching.
  • Practical utility of this approach is yet to be confirmed.
  • Trained  teachers  are not  available  in this  approach  to  teach  English language.


  • A systematic theory of this approach should be developed.
  • Re-orientation  program  for the English teachers should be organized  by the concerning agencies time and again.
  • Teaching learning material should be developed
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