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Understanding Advertising

Understanding Advertising : Ncert / Cbse Solutions & Revision Notes


A Brand refers to a special identification or name associated with a product. Branding is done by manufacturers to differentiate their product from the competitor’s products. Branding of a product is done in two ways i.e. 1. choosing a special mark or name for the product, and 2. creating a brand value for the product.

Brand values are special values associated with a product. Brand values and brand are created by advertising agencies which create advertisements to promote the respective brands. Advertisements are public promotions that talk about the various goods and services.

However, before creating an advertisement the advertising agency has to study the needs of the manufacturer, analyze the features of the product, conduct a market survey for determining the target audience and hence to create a brand and brand value that will appeal to the target audience.

The main aim of advertisements is to induce the buyer to buy the product by targeting his or her personal emotions. Advertisements are a costly affair and hence only the big companies can afford it as compared to the small-scale manufacturers.

An advertisement can make people believe that branded and packaged goods are much better that the unbranded ones. Advertisements serve as an important tool to help us known about the products and services available in the market.

CBSE NCERT Class VII (7th) | Social Studies | Social and Political Life

Chapter  :  Understanding Advertising

CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer

Get to know about Understanding Advertising (Ncert / Cbse Solutions & Revision Notes), Chapter Summary CBSE / NCERT Revision Notes, CBSE NCERT Class VII (7th) | Social Studies | Social and Political Life, CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer, CBSE NCERT Solution.Q1 What is the idea behind advertising a product?
Advertisements draw our attention to various products and describe them positively so that we become interested in buying them. It plays a crucial role in trying to convince us to buy the product that is advertised.

Q2 What is branding and why is it done?
‘Branding’ means stamping a product with a particular name or sign. This is done in order to differentiate it from other products in the market.

Q3 How does the advertisement affect our social and cultural lives?
Advertisements are an important part of our social and cultural life today. We watch advertisements, discuss them and often judge people according to the brand products they use. They often target our personal emotions. By linking our personal emotions to products, advertisements tend to influence the ways in which we value ourselves as persons.

Q4 Why does the branded product cost more than the non-branded products? 
Branded products cost much more than the non-branded products because they include the costs of packaging and advertising.

Q5 How do advertisements persuade us to buy things?
·         They often target our personal emotions. By linking our personal emotions to products, advertisements tend to influence the ways in which we value ourselves as persons.
·         Often several of our cricket heroes and our favourite film stars also try and sell products to us through advertisements. We may feel tempted to buy these products because persons whom we consider our heroes tell us that they are worth buying.
·         In addition, advertisements often show us images of the lifestyles of rich people and seldom show us the reality of peoples’ lives that we see around us.

Q6 What role advertisements play in our lives?
Advertisements play a big role in our lives. We not only buy products based on them, but often, having certain brand products influences the ways in which we think about ourselves, our friends and our family.
It is, therefore, important to know how advertising works and understand what it does before we choose to buy the products that advertisements sell.
We need to be able to critically understand why they use particular images, the personal emotion that they are appealing to and the ways in which this affects how we think about ourselves when we use the product or are not able to buy it.

Q7 How do the advertisements hamper the idea of democracy?
Advertising a product costs a lot of money. Producing and showing advertisements in the media is very expensive. Because there are so many advertisements in the market today, companies have to show the advertisement again and again to have it stick in people’s minds.
What this often means is that only large companies can advertise. If you own a small business, you will not have the money to show your product on TV or national newspapers and magazines. They often have to sell their products in weekly markets and neighbourhood shops.
It also makes us believe that things that are packaged and have a brand name are far better than things that do not come in packets. We forget that the quality of a product has little to do with the packaging that it comes in. This shift to packaged products negatively affects the sales of several small businesses forcing people out of their livelihoods.
In a democracy in which all people are equal and should be able to lead a life of dignity, advertising tends to promote a certain lack of respect for the poor.
Advertising, because it appeals to personal emotions also tends to make people who cannot afford certain brands feel bad. They feel that they are unable to give their loved ones the best care that brand products appear to offer.

Q8 How can you be a smart customer?
As citizens of a democratic society, it is important for us to be aware of the strong influence that advertising has on our lives. By critically understanding what advertisements do, we can make better decisions about whether we wish to buy a product or not.

Q9 What impact does advertisement has on the ideas of equality?
Advertising by focusing on the lives of the rich and famous helps us forget about issues of poverty, discrimination and dignity, all of which are central to the functioning of equality in a democracy. More than just selling us products, advertisements tell us how we should live our lives, what we should aspire and dream for, how we should express our love, what it means to be smart, successful and beautiful.

Q10 What is social advertisements?
Social advertisements refer to advertisements made by the State or private agencies that have a larger message for the society.