8 February 2015

Highest, Biggest, Longest, Largest, Deepest etc.

Highest, Biggest, Longest, Largest, Deepest etc.

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In the previous article, you have learnt about Geography Notes .In this article, you will learn about Highest, Biggest, Longest, Largest, Deepest etc. It is not full article, to read full article you have to download it.

Highest, Biggest, Longest, Largest, Deepest etc.

Airliner, Largest: Boeing 747
Animal, Tallest: Giraffe
Animal, Fastest: The Peregerine Falcon
Archipelago, Largest: Indonesia
Bird, Fastest: Swift
Bird, Largest: Ostrich
Bird, Smallest: Humming Bird   
Bridge, Longest Railway: Huey P. Long Bridge (U.S.A.)
Building, Tallest in Asia: The Connaught Centre in Hong Kong (195 metres tall; has 46 floors)
Building, Highest in the world: Sears Tower in Chicago (440-metre high. It is a 110-storey tower which is nearly 60 metres taller than the Empire State building in New York)
Canal, Longest, small ship: Beloye (White Sea) Baltic Canal (CIS) 226 km long
Canal, Longest, big ship: Suez Canal (U.A.R.) (161 km)
Canalised System, Longest: Volga-Baltic Canal (2960 km)
Capital, Highest: Lhasa (Before domination of Tibet by China) 3684 metres above sea-level
City, Highest: Wenchuan (China) 5,100 metres above sea-level La Paz (capital of Bolivia) stands at an altitude of 3632 metres above sea-level
City, Largest in population: Shanghai  followed by: Tokyo, New York, Beijing, London and Moscow
Conference Hall, World’s Highest: At Nathu-La Pass on Indo-China border in Sikkim
Continent, Largest: Asia

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