8 February 2015

History - Magadhan Ascendancy and beyond

History - Magadhan Ascendancy and beyond 

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In the previous article, you have learnt about History - Maurya Empire  .In this article, you will learn about History - Magadhan Ascendancy and beyond. It is not full article, to read full article you have to download it.

History - Magadhan Ascendancy and beyond

Magadha kingdom’s most remarkable king was Srenika or Bimbisara, who was anointed king by his father at the young age of 15. 

The capital of Bimbi­sara’s kingdom was Giriv­raja. It was girded with stone walls which are among the oldest extant stone struc­tures in India. 

The most notable achievement of Bimbisara was the annexation of neigh­bouring kingdom of Anga or East Bihar. He also entered into matrimonial alliances with ruling families of Kosala and Vaishali. The Vaishali marriage paved the way for expansion of Maga­dha northword to the bor­ders of Nepal. 

Gautama Buddha and Vardhaman Mahavira prea­ched their doctrines during the reign of Bimbisara. 

The modern town of Rajgir in the Patna district was built by Bimbisara. He had named it Rajagriha or the king’s house. 

Bimbisara was suc­ceeded by his son Ajatsha­tru. Tradition affirms that Bim­bisara was murdered by Ajat­shatru. 

To repel the attacks of the Vrijis of Vaishali, Ajat­shatru fortified the village of Pataligrama, which stood at the confluence of Ganga and Sona rivers. This fortress,...

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