8 February 2015

Indian History : Important Dates

Indian History : Important Dates (Download in PDF)

In the previous article, you have learnt about History - Trade & Commerce in ancient India .In this article, you will learn about Indian History : Important Dates. It is not full article, to read full article you have to download it.

Indian History : Important Dates-

3000-1500 Indus Valley Civilisation
576 Birth of Gautam Buddha
527 Birth of Mahavir
327-326 Alexander’s invasion of India. It opened a land route between India and Europe
313 Accession of Chandragupta Maurya according to Jain traditions
305 Defeat of Seleucus at the hands of Chandragupta Maurya
273-232 Ashoka’s reign
261 Conquest of Kalinga
145-101 Region of Elara, the Chola King of Sri Lanka
58 Beginning of Vikrami era

78 Beginning of Saka era
120 Accession of Kanishka
320 Commencement of Gupta era. the golden age of Hindu India
380 Accession of Vikramaditya
405-411 Visit of Chinese traveller Fa-hien
415 Accession of Kumara Gupta I
455 Accession of Skando Gupta
606-647 Harshavardhan’s reign
712 First invasion in Sind by Arabs
836 Accession of King Bhoja of Kannauj
985 Accession of Rajaraja,the Chola ruler
998 Accession of Sultan Mahmud

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