9 February 2015

Notes on IT Questions

Notes on IT Questions (Download in PDF)

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Notes on IT Questions

The earlier computers, which were massive in size, were based on vacuum tubes. 

Early computing machines, like the ENIAC, were actually meant to assist the armed forces.

The printers in pre-1950s were punch cards.

An improvement on the ENIAC, which pioneered ‘stored program’, was made possible with the help of the mathe-matician John von Neumann.

Before the 1950s, computers were mostly owned by universities and research labs.

The B-programming language was developed by Ken Thompson.

Famous people, associated with the ENIAC, EDVAC, UNIVAC computers are Eckert & Mauchly.

The 1st commercially produced and sold computer (1951) was UNIVAC.

IBM was provided software for PCs by Microsoft.

Time-sharing, teletyping, were associated with mainframe computers. 

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