8 February 2015

Questionnaire on Fine Arts

Questionnaire on Fine Arts (Download in PDF)

In the previous article, you have learnt about Female World Leaders In Power in which you found about female leaders, Queens who are powerful in world.

In this article, you will learn about Fine Arts in which you will find questions related to fine arts. It is not full article, to read full article you have to download it.

Fine Arts

No.      Question                                                          Answer
01        The Persian epic Shahnama was written by     Firdausi
02        Mohenjadaro literally means    Mound of Corpes
03        The Classic "Measure for Measure"was written by      William Shakespeare
04        The composer of Geet Govind was     Jayadev
05        By the middle of the 1st century,the city that was famous for fine arts was                                                                                                                                                Pataliputra
06        The first Cartoonist to win the B.D.Goenka Award was          R.K.Laxman
07        The magazine started by M.Karunanidhi was Murasoli
08        Shakespeare's last play was     The Tempest
09        Bismillah Khan is a famous     Musician
10        Bismillah Khan specialises in Shahnai Vadan
11        The famous museum located in Hyderabad is             Salarjung
12        Vinoba Bhave,author,started a famous movement known as Bhoodan Movement
13        Geetha Pravachan in Marathi was written by   Vinoba Bhave
14        The ancient Buddhist University Nalanda was located in the state of Bihar
15        The architectural style in which Taj Mahal is built is   Indo persian
16        Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for his book          Gitanjali
17        Tamil Ramayanam was authoblack by            Kambar
18        The oldest collection of stories in India is        Kathasaritsagara
19        The instrument played by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan is     Sarod
20        The Biography of Dr.Samuel Johnson was written by             James Bosewell
21        Subramanya Bharthi was a noted         Poet
22        K.V.Subbabba,who won the Magsaysay Award was from      Heggodu,Karnataka
23        The heroine of the film `Cleopatra' was           Elizabeth Taylor
24        "Bhagvatgeet"the movie which won the Lotus Award was made in which Language                                                                                                                                   Sanskrit
25        The only Indian actor to have received the Oscar award is      Satyajit Ray

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