9 February 2015

Scientific Appliances And Their Working Principles

Scientific Appliances And Their Working Principles

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In the previous article, you have learnt about Religion and Culture.In this article, you will learn about Scientific Appliances And Their Working Principles. It is not full article, to read full article you have to download it.

Scientific Appliances And Their Working Principles

Aeroplane: An aeroplane usually consists of the following three parts: (i) Wings, (ii) The engine and the propeller; and (iii) The tail. Working: In order to operate an aeroplane, the propeller is made to revolve at a very high speed with the help of a powerful petrol engine. The direction of the blades is so adjusted as to push the air in a backward direction, thereby producing a relative velocity between the ’plane and air—thus pushing the aeroplane in a forward direction. The push should be large enough to overcome the drag  and should supply power for climbing.

Air conditioning: is the process of controlling the humidity, temperature, purity and circulation of air in a certain factory, a public building, hotels or a private house. The major aim of air-conditioning is to regulate the temperature, thereby producing a “cooling effect” on the whole. Exhaust machines are devised at a particular place for driving out waste and dirty gases, thereby completely purifying the air.

Binoculars: is an instrument used for seeing distant objects; the rays of light are twice reflected by means of right-angled prisms.

Carburettor: It is an apparatus for getting liquid fuel mixed with air as it is taken into an automobile or other like engines.

CD-Rom: It is a computer peripheral device that employs compact disk technology to store large amounts of digitized data for later retrieval.

Cellular Phone: This phone allows you to make a telephone while on the move. It....

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