9 February 2015

Space Research in India

Space Research in India (Download in PDF)

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Space Research in India

The first Indian-developed rocket was Rohini-RH 75. It was launched from the Thumba equatoria rocket Launching Station (Kerala) in 1967.Its purpose was to conduct meteorological experiments.

For carrying out experiments on the celestial x-ray sources a centaure rocket was successfully launched from the Thumba Station (in Kerala) in 1968
Sriharikota Range (SHAR) : It is the second rocket launching station set up at Sriharikota Island in Nellor District of Andhra Pradesh. It serves as a rocket launching base and is used for testing rockets developed at the Science and Technology Centre at Thumba.
The first satellite of India named Aryabhatt (weight 360 kg.) was launched from Russia in 1975 by means of a Russian rocket. India's second Satellite, Bhaskara-I was launched in 1979. Bhaskara-II was launched in 1981.
SLV-3 : The main objective of the SLV-3 project (Satellite Launch Vehicle Project) was to gain experience in the design, development and launching of vehicles capable of placing scientific and experimental satellites in near earth orbits.
Rohini-I (RS-I,weight 35 kg.) : the first Indian satellite put into a near-earth orbit successfully from SHAR in 1980 by the second experimental Launching of SLV-3.
Rohini-II (RS-II,weight 35 kg.) : was injected from SHAR by the SLV-3 rocket on its first developmental flight in 1981. It was originally designed to live for 300 days but met its premature end after nine days due to its unexpectedly low orbit.....

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