9 February 2015

World Geography- Important Boundary Lines

Important Boundary Lines (Download in PDF)

In the previous article, you have learnt about Wild Life Facts.In this article, you will learn about World Geography- Important Boundary LinesIt is not full article, to read full article you have to download it.

World Geography- Important Boundary Lines

Durand Line :
Between Pakistan and Afghanistan, demarcated by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1896.
Hindenberg Line :
The line to which the Germans retreated in 1917 during the First World War, defines the boundary between Germany and Poland.
Line of Control :
It divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan.
Maginot Line :
Boundary between France and Germany.
Mannerheim Line :
Drawn by General Mannerheim; fortification on the Russia an Finland border.
McMahon Line :
The boundary between India and China as demarcated by Sir Henry McMahon in 1914. China does not recognise this line.
Oder Niesse Line :...

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