9 March 2015

CBSE-NCERT Solution : Components of Food

CBSE NCERT Class VI (6th) | Science | Biology

Chapter  :  Components of Food

CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer

Q1)What are nutrients?
Ans1-nutrients are the substances that an organism needs for growth, repair and maintenenance of its body.

Q2) Name the various nutrients needed by human body. 
Ans2- carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Q3) Apart from these nutrients, what are the other components of food? 
Ans3- Roughage and water.

Q4)What are energy giving foods? Give 2 examples.
Ans4-carbohydrates and fats on digestion releases energy. Example-sugarcane, potato, Rice, sweet potato, wheat, maize, banana, papaya etc.

Q5)Which chemical reagent will we use to test the following food items: bread, pea nuts, soyabean, paneer, banana, boiled rice, pulse, potato.

Bread ,banana, boiled rice ,potato
Contain starch: Iodine solution is need
Soyabean, paneer
Are rich in protein:can be tested using caustic soda and copper sulphate.
Pea nuts
Rich in fats: only a paper is needed

Q6)What are body building food? Give example.
Ans6-protein are body building food. These are necessary for the growth and repair of body that is why growing children, pregnant women and people recovering from illness need more protein in their diet.

Q7)Name 2 sources of plant proteins and animal proteins.
Ans7-a) plant protein-beans, pulses, cereals
b) animals protein-meat ,fish, eggs

Q8)What is the function of fats in our body? Name any three sources of fats?
Ans8-Fats give more energy than carbohydrates, however it is difficult for the body to digest fats and excess of fat get stored in body. Milk, ghee, butter, cream, meat.

Q9)What are vitamins?
Ans9-vitamins are essential nutrients required in small quantities for normal growth,good vision, healthy teeth, gums, bones, and overall good health.

Q10)Name 4 important vitamins required for overall good health. 
Ans10-vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D.  

Q11)Mention the source and functions of the following vitamins.

Green leafy vegetables ,yellow fruits,fish
Maintains healthy eye sight,skin and proper growth
Whole grain cereals pulses,nuts,green vegetables, milk, cheese, fish, eggs
Help in proper functioning of digestive system for good skin, formation of healthy blood and proper growth of body.
Amla, citrus fruits, green vegetables
For keeping teeth,gums,and joints healthy.it increases the resistance of body to infection fight diseases.
Milk, egg yolk, fish, butter, when skin is exposed to sunlight ,vitamin D is produced.
Essential for normal growth of bones and teeth.

Q12)Why do we need to include minerals in our food?
Ans12-minerals are the nutrients which are required by our body for its proper functioning normal growth and good health.

Q13)Mention the sources and functions of following minerals 

Green leafy veegtables ,jaggery, egg yolk, groundnut, cereals
Essential for formation of hemoglobin in R.B.C.
Milk, cheese, cereals, meat
Essential for healthy bones and teeth ,clotting of blood
Iodised salt, seafood, green vegetables.
For proper functioning of thyroid gland.

Q14) Define roughage.
Ans14-The fibrous indigestible material present in our food .

Q15)Why is roughage considered to be an important component of our food?name 3 important sources of roughage.
Ans15-i)roughage adds bulk to the food ,prevents constipation.
ii)it can absorb a great amount of water and helps retain water in our body.

SOURCES-unpeeled fruits (like apple,pear), porridge(dalia),salads 

Q16)What is meant by dehydration? How is it caused?
Ans16-excessive loss of water from the tissues of our body is called dehydration.it occurs when water intake is less than water loss from the body.

Q17)What is a balanced diet?
Ans17-The diet that contains adequate amount of all the essential nutrients, roughage and water sufficient for The normal growth and development of the body.

Q18)State two beneficial effects of cooking food. 
Ans18-i)cooking improves the taste of food material. ii)cooking makes the food digestible.
iii)cooking kills the harmful micro-organisms.

Q19)Name two cooking practices that lead to the loss of nutrients in food materials.
Ans19- If cooking is done in excess of water and the water is thrown away after cooking, many water soluble vitamins and minerals are lost.
If cooking is done at high temperature, many proteins and vitamins are destroyed. For example vitamin C. 

Q20)What is obesity? What are the causes of obesity?
Ans20-overeating of fat rich food leads to an overweight condition called obesity. Due to lack of physical activity, fats get accumulated in the body and causes obesity. 

Q21)Mention some of the methods for maintaining good health.
CBSE NCERT Class VI (6th) | Science |  | Biology, Components of Food,  CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer, CBSE NCERT Solution.Ans21-1) always take fresh and clean food. 2.) Avoid food that is too oily or spicy.
3.) Avoid junk food.
4.) Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. 5.) Drink plenty of water.
6.) Do regular physical exercises.

Q22) Who needs more proteins in his or her diet in relation to body weight: a growing child or grown up man? Why?
Ans22-A growing child needs more proteins than a grown up man because child needs proteins for development bone, muscles of his body.