9 March 2015

CBSE-NCERT Solution : Food: Where does it Come from?

CBSE NCERT Class VI (6th) | Science | Biology

Chapter  :  Food: Where does it Come from?

CBSE NCERT Solved Question Answer

Q1) Why does an organism need food?
Ans1-1.To get energy.
2.    For growth , repair and maintenance of the body.
3.    To fight diseases.

Q2)Why is glucose given to sportspersons?
Ans2-glucose is a type of carbohydrate, which can be quick source of energy.

Q3)Why do we cook food?
Ans3-1.to make food digestible and to improve its taste.
2. cooking also kills the germs that are sometimes present in food. 

Q4)Why is it necessary to drink about 1.5 litres of water everyday?
Ans4-Excretion ,sweating and breathing makes us lose about 2-3 litres of water everyday. About 1.5 litres is made up for by drinking water and other liquids.
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Q5)Why water is needed for our body?
1.    Water helps to carry digested food around the body.
2.    Water help to carries wastes out of the body
3.    It helps to regulate the body temperature.

Q5) List the various edible parts of the plants, mention some examples also.
Ans5-ROOT-carrot, raddish, beetroot, turnip, sweet potato STEM-sugar cane, ginger, onion, potato, colocasia (arbi) LEAF-spinach, cabbage, lettuce, methi
FLOWER-cauliflower, broccoli, banana, pumpkin, clove, saffron FRUIT-banana, mango, brinjal, tomato, cucumber
SEED- pulses, peanuts, coconut, methi seeds, almonds

Q6) Classify the following as herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.
Ans6-Herbivore-cows, goats, horses, elephants, giraffes, parrot, squirrel

Carnivore-crocodile, shark, tigers, lions, snake
Omnivore-bears, crow, humanbeing, cockroach 

Q7)Where does honey come from?
Ans7-Bees collect NECTAR(sweet juices) from flower, convert it into honey and store it in their hive. 

Q8) Mention the source of food as plant or animal, for the following food items.
a)Chicken-animal          b)rice-plant                c)onion-plant         d)oil-plant and animal e)sugar-plant                 f)milk-animal             g)egg-animal          f)wheat flour-plant.

Q9)What are sprouted seeds?
Ans9-a small white structure grown out of the seeds, which will be future shoot of the plants. 

Q10)Write the ingredients and sources(plant or animal) for the given food items?

Potato curry
1.potato,garlic, onion, tomato
2. oil/ghee
plant or animal

3. spices