19 April 2015

Answer : TET Practice Paper Set-4 (EVS Paper-1)

TET Practice Paper Set-04

(Environmental Science Paper-1)

1. Marconi invented the radio with the help of the invention made by
a. Vikram A. Sarabhai
b. Jagadish Chandra Bose (answer)
c. Charles Babbage
d. Pascal

2. Identify the wrong pair with reference to milching animals
a. Gir, Sindhi
b. Jersey, Caronswiss
c. Gir, Murrah (answer)
d. Sindhi, Jersey

3. A typical example of visual, non-project 3 –D aid is
a. Realia (answer)
b. Television
c. OHP
d. Radio

4. Which of the following is the odd criterion of a good test
a. Objectivity (answer)
b. Acceptability
c. Reliability
d. Clarity

5. The philosophy behind the project method is
a. naturalism
b. idealism
c. constructivism
d. Pragmatism (answer)

6. Melagiri hills is situated in the district of
a. Krishnagiri (answer)
b. Erode
c. Dindigul
d. Coimbatore

7. Mamallapuram and chengalpattu are famous for which work
a. Weaving of silk
b. Soap stone carving (answer)
c. Red and black pottery
d. Granite carving

8. A student after receiving the content of a subject is able to analyse the content. The behavioural change belongs to the domain/s
a. cognitive and affective
b. cognitive only
c. affective and psychomotor
d. affective only

9. “Lesson plan is the outline of the important pointsof a lesson arranged in order in which they are to be presented to the students by the teacher”. This definition is of
a. International Dictionary of Education
b. Lester B. Stands
c. W. M. Ryburn
d. Bining and Bining

10. Which chart is used to present the growth of a family right from their ancestors 
a. Flowchart
b. Tablechart
c. Treechart (answer)
d. Timechart

11. A child is suffering from bleeding gums and loosening of teeth. The names of the disease and the vitamin that is deficient are
a. Scurvy, Vitamin C (answer)
b. Haemorrhage, Vitamin K
c. Rickets, Vitamin D
d. Pellagra, Vitamin B5

12. The part where cones are densely packed within the right eye is
a. sclerotic coat
b. choroid coat (answer)
c. lens
d. fovea

13. A student of IVth class placed certain things in a first aid box. Find the odd man out
a. foreceps
b. sodium chloride
c. syringe (answer)
d. pair of scissors

14. The plant that has the best air purifying capacity in the world is
a. valisneria
b. bamboo (answer)
c. palm
d. jatropha

15. A man is riding a bicycle. The motion(s) observed is(are)
a. only linear motion
b. only circular motion
c. oscillatory and circular motions
d. linear and circular motions (answer)

16. The permanent employee of the village Panchayat is the
a. President of the Panchayat
b. Vice President of the Panchayat
c. senior most citizen of the Panchayat
d. Secretary of the Panchayat (answer)

17. If a person wants to cross the road where there is no zebra – cross, he has to
a. look to his right and cross the road
b. first look to his right, then left and then right again and cross the road (answer)
c. look to his left and cross the road
d. first look to his right, then left and cross the road.

18. The wheel (chakra) on our National flag has the colour and the number of spokes respectively are
a. Navy blue, 24 (answer)
b. Royal blue, 24
c. Peacock blue, 22
d. Cyan, 22

19. Bow and arrow was the emblem of which kingdom
a. Cholas
b. Chalukyas
c. Cheras (answer)
d. Pandyas

20. The traveler who came to India through the Kashmir valley during the reign of Harshavardhana was
a. Fa – Hien
b. Hieun – Tsang (answer)
c. Ibn Batuta
d. Megasthenes

21. Double fertilization occurs only in
a. salamander (answer)
b. fresh water fishes
c. all seed producing flowers
d. aquatic plants

22. The importance of the year 1983 with reference to wildlife is
a. Indian Board for wildlife was formed
b. National wildlife Action plan was introduced (answer)
c. Wildlife Protection Act came into force
d. Establishment of National Parks by the Government of India

23. The exotic variety of honeybee is
a. Apis dorsata
b. Apis florae
c. Apis indica
d. Apis adamsoni (answer)

24. Which one of the following is not true in respect of water
a. Water in the aquifers is not useful to human beings (answer)
b. Most of the fresh water reaches to the ocean through rivers
c. The moisture in the soil indicates the presence of water
d. Precipitation in the form of rain or snow provides fresh water to our earth.

25. While burning the fuels the pollutant that reacts with Hemoglobin and makes the man leading to death is
a. SO2
b. O3
c. CO (answer)
d. CH4

26. Identify the correct match in respect of major plates and smaller plates of pangaca respectively
a. Antarctica - North America
b. South America - Africa
c. Australian - Arabian (answer)
d. Eurasia – Pacific

27. Equal day and equal night happen on which of the following days
a. March 21st, September 23rd (answer)
b. May 18th, December 20th
c. January 14th, June 16th
d. June 20th, December 28th

28. The trees that are found in the forests where thereis 100 cm of rainfall are
a. cedar and oak
b. sal and teak (answer)
c. pine and walnut
d. babul and Palmyra

29. The metal, first used by human beings and the Indian State where it is found in plenty are
a. Iron, Orissa
b. Copper, Andhra Pradesh
c. Iron, Madhya Pradesh
d. Copper, Rajasthan (answer)

30. As per which Article, the president of India is empowered to declare financial emergency
a. Article 352
CTET Practice Papers, TET Guess Papers, NET, HTET, PSTET, UPTET, KTET Online free Paper, PDF Download Study Material.b. Article 356
c. Article 360 (answer)
d. Article 63

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