28 April 2015

Answer : TET Practice Paper Set-05 (English)

TET Practice Paper Set-05


1. Choose the grammatically correct sentence.
(a) I’ll see you next Friday. (answer)
(b) I’ll see you on the next Friday
(c) I’ll see you on next Friday
(d) I’ll see you the next Friday

2. If it hadn’t been for your help, I don’t know.. Choose the correct answer
(a) what I’d done.
(b) what I’d have been done
(c) what I’d have done (answer)
(d) what I’d had done

3. I wonder if we…… the doctor to look at Mary
Choose the correct phrase to fill in the blank
(a) couldn’t ask
(b) shouldn’t ask (answer)
(c) hadn’t ask
(d) haven’t ask

4. You can only come in … a few minutes
Choose the appropriate word dot fill in the blank
(a) since
(b)within (answer)
(c) during
(d) for

5. He gave her many advices.
This sentence may be edited as…….
(a) He gave her many pieces of advice.
(b) He gave her much advice (answer)
(c) He offered her many advices
(d) He gave her some advices

6. Identify the part of the sentence that has an error.
(a) It is not the urge
(b) To take revenge that
(c) Terrifies Hamlet
(d) But the gravitation of this nature
(1) B (answer)
(3) A
(4) D

7. ‘Where ………?’ In a village near Vijaywada’.
Fill in the blank, choosing the correct answer.
(a) your uncles lives
(b) does your uncle live (answer)
(c) lives your uncle live
(d) do your uncle live

8. Oedipus, the King is the greatest of all tragic characters 
Comparative degree of this sentence is ………. Oedipus, the King is…………
(a) a great tragic character
(b) a greater tragic character
(c) greater than any other tragic character (answer)
(d) the greater than some tragic characters

9. of all the words given below, one is given entry in the dictionaries. Identify it.
(a) lieutenant (answer)
(b) lieutinent
(c) leutenent
(d) lieutenante

10. As a performing artiste, Dr. M.Balamuralikrishna made his debut at the age of eight. The underline word implies……..
(a) the first performance before an audience. (answer)
(b) acting in the musical plays
(c) entry in the primary class
(d) initiation into music

11. Kamala’s exhilarating performance left the audience awestruck. Here exhilarating means………
(a) exhausting
(b) exhaustive
(c) boring
(d) exciting (answer)

12. In the …….. (regression ) violence of the epic, everyone is an wrathful as Achilles. Use the suitable form of the word given in the brackets.
(a) regress
(b) regressive (answer)
(c) regressed
(d) regressing

13. The sheer magic of the recital was spellbinding! The sentence indicates……..
(a) There was a magic show before the recital
(b) It was a boring recital
(c) It was a wonderful recital (answer)
(d) The recital lacked magnificence

14. The party was excellent, and I’d like to thank all……… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.
(a)concerned people
(b) People with concern
(c) responsible people
(d) people responsible (answer)

15. Only one of the following sentences is edited. Find the edited sentence.
(a) He peremptorily dismissal of all allegation as the farcical attempt to tarnish his integrity
(b) He peremptorily dismissed all allegations as a farcical attempt to tarnish his integrity (answer)
(c) He dismissed peremptorily all allegations as farcical attempt to tarnishing his integrity
(d) He dismissed peremptorily all the allegation as the farcical attempt to tarnish his integrity.

16. Identify the sentence in which adverbs have been used in the correct order.
(a) He sang wonderfully at the theatre yesterday evening. (answer)
(b) He sang at the theatre wonderfully yesterday evening.
(c) He came here today by train
(d) He came here by train next month

17. A. Didn’t you go to the cinema yesterday?
B. …………… Identify B’s response
(a) Yes, I didn’t (answer)
(b) No, I do.
(c) Yes, I did
(d) No, I did

18. Smoking is………. to anyone’s health. Choose the correct word to fill the blank
(a) detrimental (answer)
(b) deteriorating
(c) disillusionary
(d) injury

19. Alexandrian libraries were gutted down by the invading Huns.
Active voice of this sentence will be……….
(a) The invading Huns had gutted down the Alexandrian libraries
(b) The invading Huns gutted down the Alexandrian libraries (answer)
(c) The invading Huns gutting down the Alexandrian libraries
(d) The invaded Huns gutting down the Alexandrian libraries

20 to 24: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

When the motorcar was first introduced, it was a clumsy, noisy machine that labored along the street at a pace no faster than that of a trotting horse. People look at it with suspicion and fear.
Since then, the motorcar has come a long way and is today a combination of beauty, luxury and efficiency. The modern automobile, sleek and streamlined with its brilliant hues, is an aesthetically appealing object, almost a work of art. You can travel in it in absolute comfort at an incredible speed, and yet feel no fatigue at the end of day’s journey. The engine is a masterpiece of mechanical ingenuity and seldom lets you down if you maintain it well.

20. What was the motorcar like when it was first introduced?
It was…………..
(a) an attractive, silent machine
(b) an awkward, noisy machine (answer)
(c) a big and unpleasant machine
(d) a small useless machine

21. The speed of the first motor car was compared to a……….
(a) limping horse (answer)
(b) horse moving quickly
(c) horse refusing to move
(d) sleeping horse

22. The modern automobile is a ……….
(a) beautiful object and a work of art (answer)
(b) noisy and ugly vehicle
(c) clumsy machine
(d) vehicle that breaks down very ofter

23. The modern automobile is…………..
(a) cheap and irrepairable
(b) shiny but rough
(c) uncomfortable and moves at a low speed
(d) comfortable and goes at a high speed (answer)

24. The engine is the best example of man’s…………
(a) inventiveness (answer)
(b) backwardness
(c) helplessness
(d) laziness

25. Information transfer takes place in ……directions.
(a) three
(b) four
(c) one
(d) two (answer)

26. If a student’s answer script is evaluated by tow examiners, they must award nearly the same number of marks. Then we can that the test is…….
(a) practical
(b) reliable (answer)
(c) scorable
(d) valid

27. Substitution drill is a technique used in………
(a) the grammar-translation method
(b) the communication-language teaching method
(c) the audio- lingual method
(d) the direct method (answer)

28. Articulatory phonetics deals with………
(a) production of sounds (answer)
(b) distortion of sounds
(c) reception of sounds
(d) transmission of sounds

29. A ‘Diphthong’ could be described as a combination of…….
(a) a consonant and a vowel
(b) two consonant clusters
(c) two pure vowel sounds (answer)
(d) two consonant sounds

30. Which is the first stage among the following in planning a lesson?
(a) Presentation stage (answer)
CTET Practice Papers, TET Guess Papers, NET, HTET, PSTET, UPTET, KTET Online free Paper, PDF Download Study Material.(b) Feedback stage
(c) Performance stage
(d) Practice stage

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