11 April 2015

TET Practice Paper Set-01 (Science Paper-2)

TET Practice Paper Set-01

(Elementary Science Paper-2)

1. A pendulum clock’s location is shifted from the earth to the moon. To show the same specific time of the earth, its pendulum length must be….
(a) decreased 
(b) increased
(c) same
(d) increased to double

2. The frequency of inaudible sound for human beings is…….
(a) 150 cycles / sec
(b) 15 cycles / sec 
(c) 1500 cycles / sec
(d) 25 cycles / sec

3. Electric current is flown through a metallic conductor. The electric circuit is due to…
(a) electrons only 
(b) molecules only
(c) both nuclei and electrons
(d) neutrino only

4. Greenish yellow gas that turns moist starch iodide paper into blue-black is…..
(a) O2
(b) H2
(c) CO2
(d) Cl2 

5. In searchlights and headlights of vehicles, the electric bulb is placed….
(a) between the pole and the focus of the reflector
(b) at the focus of the reflector 
(c) between the focus and the center of curvature of the reflector
(d) at the center of curvature of the reflector

6. The substance that is acidic in nature is…..
(a) lime water
(b) lime juice 
(c) human blood
(d) antacid

7. A statement followed by reason is given as: ‘Velocity is called a vector quantity’ because “it has only magnitude”. Identify which of the following option is true.
(a) both the statement and the reason are true and the reason explains the statement.
(b) the statement and the reason are true but the reason doesn’t explain the statement.
(c) the statement is true but the reason is false. 
(d) both the statement and reason are false

8. While measuring the thickness of a wire using a screw gauge, the reading on the pitch scale is found to be 2mm and that on the head scale is 18. If the least count of the screw gauge is 0.01 mm and positive zero error is 0.06 mm, then the thickness of the wire in mm is…
(a) 2.10
(b) 2.12 
(c) 2.21
(d) 2.01

9. The relative density of mercury is 13.6.This means the density of mercury is….
(a) 13.6 times greater than the density of water. 
(b) 1.36 times greater than density of water.
(c) equal to the density of water
(d) equal to 13.6 kg/cm3

10. The equivalent resistance of two resistors, when they are connected in parallel is 4 Ω. If the value of one resistor is 6 Ω, then the value of another resistor is……..
(a) 12 Ω 
(b) 10 Ω
(c) 6 Ω
(d) 4 Ω

11. If the linear momentum of a body of mass 0.5 kg is 5NS, then its velocity is……
(a) 10 ms-1 
(b) 25 ms-1
(c) 15 ms-1
(d) 20 ms-1

12. The decreasing order of metallic character of the elements, Na, Si, Cl, Mg and Al is……
(a) Cl> Si>Al>Mg>Na
(b) Na>Mg>Al>Si>Cl 
(c) Na>Al>Mg>Cl>Si

13. When a person is on hunger strike, the following cells supply the stored food that give the required energy to the body.
(a) Neurocytes
(b) Osteocytes
(c) Lymphocytes
(d) Adipocytes 

14. In vegetative propagation, plants give rise to new plants from the following part only.
(a) Stem, root, flower
(b)Stem, root, leaves 
(c) Stem, flower, fruit
(d) Stem, leaves, fruit

15. A student in your school says that he is 14 years old. You have no proper instruments at hand to determine his age. Then suggest a method to estimate his age approximately.
(a) To measure the amount of blood.
(b) To count the number of arteries.
(c) To count the number of veins.
(d) To count the pulse rate per minute. 

16. The following process does not occur during photosynthesis.
(a) Absorption of light energy
(b) Reduction of CO2 into carbohydrates.
(c) Oxidation of carbon into CO2 
(d) Conversion of light energy into chemical energy.

17. As you go up the classification scheme, the number of similarities will……
(a) decrease 
(b) be the same
(c) increase
(d) change sometimes

18. Suppose there are ten cone cells in the retina of the eye, then the number of cells that contain visual purple likely to be present in the retina is…….
(b) 15
(c) 150 
(d) 10

19. When a fungus is added to toddy, CO2 and alcohol are formed. The name of the process and the name of the fungus respectively is…….
(a) Aerobic respiration, Lactic acid bacteria
(b) Anaerobic respiration Rhizobium
(c) Fermentation, Yeast 
(d) Oxygen-free respiration

20. The following waste material from our households cannot be reused and recycled.
(a) Plastic covers, glass bottles, paper
(b) Dry leaves, plastic bottles, metal containers.
(c) Paper, hair, iron, pieces.
(d) Left over medicines. 

21. The scientist who has not demonstrated the discovery made by Malphigi, regarding blood circulation was…..
(a) Vesaluis
(b) Galton
(c) William Harvey
(d) Louis Pasteur

22. In the following chordates, the heart does not pump oxygenated blood to various parts of the body.
(a) Fish and amphibians
(b) Amphibians and reptiles
(c) Only amphibians
(d) Only fish 

23. The living beings that have the ability of utilizing the waste materials for their protection without excreting them are…
(a) birds
(b) plants 
(c) human beings
(d) protozoans

24. The recent technique employed in the development of a kind of bacteria to remove oil slicks is called………..
(a) gene chemistry
(b) selection
(c) ovulation
(d) genetic engineering 

25. Science includes only relative truths but not absolute truths. This means that ….
(a) scientific facts are not completely true.
(b) scientific facts are always tentative. 
(c) science expresses probability but not certainty
(d) science does not accept philosophical concepts.

26. The teaching-learning process of Science in a classroom at any level of formal education is directed by…
(a) values inherent in the subject 
(b) values formulated by the teacher
(c) values prevailed in the local community
(d) values followed by the school

27. One of the following does not belong to the factors that are responsible for the formulation of objective so of science teaching.
(a) The need and capabilities of the learner.
(b) The nature of the subject matter
(c) The capability of the subject teacher. 
(d) Feasibility constraints

28. “Heuristic method is intended to provide a training in method, knowledge is a secondary consideration altogether”.
(a) solving the problem
(b) imparting knowledge
(c) imparting process skills 
(d) giving training in learning

29. Pick out the one that does not fall under the meanings imparted for the word ‘process’ in the process approach to curriculum construction.
(a) Giving importance to process than to the content.
(b) Develops abilities within the limit of instructional framework 
(c) The activities provide are similar to that of scientist.
(d) Processing the information that helps the full and proper development of the intellect.

30. In Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), the term ‘continuous’ implies…
(a) evaluation of identified aspects of students’ growth and development as a continuous process.
(b) evaluation of an event built into the teaching-learning process.
CTET Practice Papers, TET Guess Papers, NET, HTET, PSTET, UPTET, KTET Online free Paper, PDF Download Study Material.(c) continuous and time to time organization of various tests. 
(d) examining the individual frequently within specified intervals.

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