19 April 2015

TET Practice Paper Set-5 (EVS Paper-1)

TET Practice Paper Set-05

(Environmental Science Paper-1)

1. In which one of the following groups are the words intimately related ?
A) Mosquito , Dengue , Iron , Jaggery
B) Mosquito , Malaria , Anaemia , Iron
C) Iron , Malaria, Anaemia, Blood
D) Iron , Haemoglobin, Anaemia, Amla 

2. Arti noticed the following precautions related to prevention of spread of a disease on a poster
1) Do not let water collect around you
2) Keep water pots, coolers and tanks clean
3) Spray oil if water has collected at some place
4) Use nets to protect yourself
The poster is aimed at creating awareness about the spread of
A) typhoid and cholera
B) Dengue and Japanese Encephalitis 
C) Small pox and Malaria
D) Dengue and eye flu

3. Study the venn diagram given below :
animals that live on land
animals that live in water
animals that lay eggs
which of the following animals lives in all of these areas
A) Fish
B) Crocodile 
C) Eel
D) Shark

4. Anjali's friend suggested the following four ways to avoid tooth decay
a) Brush your teeth twice a day
b) Wear braces to avoid enamel decay
c) Avoid sweets, chocolates and carbonated drinks
d) Rinse mouth after every meal
Which of the above ways should Anjali follow ?
A) a and c
B) b, c and d
C) c, d and a 
D) d, a and b

5. An air-pump is kept in an aquarium in order to
A) enhance the beauty of the aquarium
B) make water cleaner
C) Provide more carbon dioxide to water plants
D) allow more oxygen to dissolve in water 

6. Which one of the following pairs of life processes occurs both in plants and animals ?
A) Growth and reproduction 
B) Growth and food making
C) Reproduction and food making
D) Reproduction and germination

7. Which one of the following best describes the feature on the surface of the moon ?
A) No air, no gravity , no water
B) No air , no gravity , smooth surface
C) NO water, enough air , high mountains
D) No water, deep craters, high mountains 

8. A fish dies when it is put in an aquarium filled with previously boiled water but cooled to room temperature. This happens because the water in the aquarium is
A) depleted in minerals
B) unfit for swimming by fish
C) depleted in oxygen 
D) unfit for drinking by fish

9. Rekha's mother adds Phitkari ( alum) to water collected from the pond every day in order to
A) kill germs in water
B) decolourize water
C) sediment light suspended impurities 
D) change hard water into soft water

10. In order to separate a mixture of sand and salt, which one of the  following four sequences of processes has to be used ?
A) Sedimentation, decantation, filtration , evaporation
B) Filtration , decantation , evaporation , sedimentation 
C) Evaporation , sedimentation , decantation , filtration
D) Decantation , sedimentation , evaporation , filtration

11. Weight-lifters are generally required to make more muscles and body mass. for this purpose, they need to take a diet which is rich in
A) Vitamins
B) Proteins 
C) Carbohydrates
D) Fats

12. Which one of the following is a good cooking practice ?
A) Cooking the vegetables by deep frying to kill bacteria
B) Washing the vegetables nicely and then cutting 
C) cutting the vegetables and then washing these in running water
D) Keeping the vegetables in sunshine for some time before cutting and cooking

13. While teaching how different food items cna be kept fresh for some time, Radha enumerated the following techniques to her class
1) Put it in a bowl and keep the bowl in an open container having cold water
2) Wrap it in a damp cloth
3) Spread it open in sunshine
4) Cut it into small pieces and keep it in the dark
Which one of the following food items is she referring to, corresponding to technique "2" above ?

A) Kaju burfi
B Cooked rice
C) Onion, garlic
D) Green coriander 

14. All big cities are facing the problem of environmental pollution as a result of a large number of vehicles on the roads. the best way an individual in the city can contribute towards environmental protection is by
A) Not keeping a personal vehicle like scooter, car, etc.
B) getting the engine of personal vehicle checked regularly for environmental safe limits
C) using a public transport system for travelling 
D) avoiding frequent travel outside the home

15. While performing experiments with water, Jyoti observed that an empty steel bowl floats but a small iron nail sinks in water. This can be explained by the fact that
A) Iron is heavier than water and steel is lighter than water
B) Iron is lighter than water and steel is heavier than water
C) Force on a steel bowl is more than its weight whereas force on an iron nail is lesser than its weight 
D) Force on an iron nail is more than its weight whereas force on a steel bowl is lesser than its weight

16. Engage, Explore, Explain ,Elaborate and Evaluate are five important 'Es' in relation to effective teaching of Science .To provide practical experiences to the students related to the concept of 'Necessary conditions for germination'; a Science teacher asks them to do the following activities :
1. Soak seeds overnight and keep these is a wet cotton cloth .
2. Observe the seeds after two days and record and changes
3. Read the book and attempt the given worksheet.
Which of the five 'Es' given above are not being covered in the above activities given by the teacher ?

A) Engage and Explore 
B) Engage and Evaluate
C) Explain and Elaborate
D) Explore and Evaluate

17. Which one of the following sequences of steps is the correct way of preparing a balanced question paper ?
A) Writing the questions, preparing the blueprint, matching with the design , writing the marking scheme
B) Preparing a design, preparing a blueprint, writing and editing the questions , writing the marking scheme 
C) Preparing the design, writing the questions, preparing the marking scheme, matching with the blueprint
D) Writing and editing the questions, matching with the design, preparing the blueprint, writing the marking scheme

18. There are four below average students in a class. which one of the following strategies will be most effective to bring them at par with the other students
A) Give them additional assignments to do at home
B) Make them sit in the front row and supervise their work constantly
C) Identify their weak areas of learning and provide remedial measures accordingly 
D) Ensure that they attend the school regularly

19. A Science teacher administered a test after teaching the topic on 'Respiration' and observed that majority of the students did not understand the difference between respiration and breathing, This could be due to the reason that
A) There was usually lot of indiscipline in her class
B) She could not explain the related concept effectively in the class 
C) She was not their class teacher
D) The students could not understand the question correctly

20. While teaching the topic on 'Air', an EVS teacher wanted to demonstrate that air has weight and occupies space, Her colleague suggested the following four different activities for this purpose to her :
a) Place an empty inverted beaker on the surface of the water and start
pressing it down
b) Suck the juice through a straw
c) Blow air in a balloon
d) Tie two inflated balloons to a rod and establish equilibrium . Then puncture one of the balloons
Which of the above activities will lead to demonstrating the desired result ?

A) a and c
B) a and b
C) a and d 
D) b and d

21. Which one of the following teaching strategies will be most effective for maximum involvement of students in teaching the concept of food chain?
A) Ask students to explore possible food chains operating in different habitats
B) Ask students to collect related information from internet
C) Ask students to copy all examples of different food chains written on the black-board
D) Make play -cards of organisms and ask student groups to arrange them to depict different food chains 

22. In order to introduce the topic on 'Nutrition' in class more effectively, a teacher should
A) draw the diagram of digestive system on the black-board
B) show the model fo human denture
C) ask the students to open their tiffin boxes, see the contents, followed by teacher 's explanation 
D) give examples of different foods rich in nutrients

23. After having been taught about the rich flora and fauna in India, the students of primary classes were taken to Ranthambhore National Park by the school. This would help the students to
A) have fun and enjoy with friends on an outdoor trip
B) Develop respect for nature
C) Co-relate classroom learning to real-life situations 
D) develop skills for environmental protection

24. The topic 'Depletion of Petroleum and Coal' was taught to Section A of a class by using multimedia capsule while the other Section B was taught through diagrams drawn on the Green Board. It was found later that students of Section A understood the topic to a better extent. This could
be due to the reason that
A) Audio-visual aids engage all the senses for better retention 
B) Green Board is not a good visual aid
C) Multiple approach is closer to everyday life situations
D) use of multimedia aids is comparatively more economical

25. Samir of Class V usually does not submit his assignments to the EVS teacher in time, The best corrective measure could be to
A) write a note to parents about his irregularity
B) bring it to the notice of the Principal
C) Stop him from going to the games class
D) Find out the reasons for irregularity and counsel Samir 

26. The major purpose of periodic parent-teacher interactions is to
A) Highlight each other's shortcomings
B) Share the information about ongoing events in the school
C) Discuss the child's strengths and weaknesses for reinforcement and improvement 
D) Develop a social relationship with each other

27. While teaching the topic on 'Air is everywhere', a teacher asks the following questions from the students:
1. Is there air in the soil ?
2. Is there air inside water ?
3. Is there air inside our body?
4. Is there air inside our bones ?
which one of the following skills is the teacher trying to develop in the learners ?

A) Observation skills 
B) Classification skills
C) Thinking skills
D) Emotional Skills

28. A teacher can identify a stressed child when the child shows the following behaviour :
A) Hyperactivity
B) Aggressive bheaviour 
C) Full concentration in studies
D) excessive talking

29. Which one of the following four teaching methodologies followed by four different Science teachers for teaching the topic 'Air Pollution ' is most appropriate ?
A) Asking the students to read the topic from the test-book loudly and explaining the meaning of concepts/terms
B) Dictating the answers to all the questions in the exercise after completing the topic
C) Showing a documentary film on "Air Pollution" to the students
D) Asking the students to collect air samples before and after Diwali , study their quality and tabulate the findings 

30. While teaching the topic 'Frictions" to Class-V students, a teacher gave a number of examples to explain that friction is also useful to us in many ways. Which one of the following examples was quoted by her incorrectly?
A) A vehicle stops on application of brakes
B) We are able to write due to friction between the tip of the pen and the paper
C) We are able to walk because of friction between our shoes and the ground
D) An object thrown vertically upwards always comes back to us due to friction 

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