9 May 2015

TET Practice Paper Set-08 (English)

TET Practice Paper Set-08


1. Pick out the adjective which can best fill in the blank given in the sentence below:
The _____ chapters are lacking in interest.
a. later
b. latest 
c. latter
d. letter

2. Which is the most appropriate passive form for the sentence?
“One should keep one’s promises”
a. we should keep our promises
b. Promises should be kept 
c. Promises need not be kept
d. Promises may be kept

3. The most appropriate conversion to simple sentencefrom the compound sentence “We must eat, or we cannot live”,is
a. We must live to eat
b. We must not live to eat
c. We must eat and live
d. We must eat to live 

4. In which classification of work can we categorise teaching?
a. Clerical
b. Managerial
c. Skilled
d. Professional 

5. Choose the most appropriate a complementary closing for a letter addressed to Sub- Inspector of Police:
a. Yours lovingly
b. Lovingly yours
c. Yours truly 
d. Yours affectionately

6. In the following question, the passage consists of six sentences. The first and last sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences are jumbled up as P,Q,R and s. Sequence the sentences properly choosing the right option:

There was no limit to insanitation _____ ______ ______ _____ So I asked for a broom to clean them myself.
P-There were only a few latrines
Q- They refused point-blank to clean them
R-Pools of water were everywhere
S- I pointed it out to the volunteers
The proper sequence will be
c. RPSQ 

7. Identify the one italicized expression (A,B, C or D) that must be changed in order to correct the sentences:
Things  (A) will be better if I  (B) will get a job and  (C) earn some money. Then I  (D) won’t have to live with my parents. (answer: B)

8. The (A) company claimed to bring the best (B)products and services (C) on the doorstep (D) of their consumers. (answer: D)

9. Identify the errors in the sentences given below:
It is raining. Mohan and Sumesh were walking on the park. The path is wet. Mohan slips and fell
a. raining, were, on
b. were, on, fell
c. were, on, slips 
d. were, slips, fell

10. Choose the most appropriate clause that can replace the adjective phrase in the sentence:
‘Madhu met a girl with blue eyes’
a. Whose eyes are blue
b. Whose eyes were blue 
c. Those eyes were blue
d. Those eyes are blue

11. In the sentence “The train came rushing down the hill”, the word ‘down’ functions as
a. Noun
b. Preposition
c. Verb
d. Adverb 

12. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate article from the options given below:
Smt. Sheela became _______ Principal of the Collegein 2005.
a. a
b. the 
c. an
d. no article

13. Pick the odd one from among the words given below:
Pretty, attractive, beautiful, smart, lively
a. attractive
b. lively 
c. beautiful
d. pretty

14. Which of the following is not an instruction?
a. What an idea 
b. Sit down
c. Be silent
d. Queue up

Read the following passage. Select the best answer from among the given choices for each question:

Most of us use the products of science – railways, aeroplanes, electricity, phones and housands of others – without thinking how they came into existence. We take them for granted, as if we are entitled to them as a matter of right. And we are very proud of the fact that we live in an advanced age and are ourselves so very advanced.

There is no doubt that our age is a very different one from previous ages and I think it is perfectly correct to say that it is far more advanced. But that is a different thing from saying that we as individuals or groups are more advanced. It would be the height of absurdity to say that because an engine driver can run an engine and Plato or Socrates could not, the engine driver is more advanced than, or is superior t, Plato or Socrates. But it would be perfectly correct to say that the engine itself is a more advanced method of locomotion than Plato’s chariot was.

15. Which one of the following statements is correct?
a. An engine driver cannot be compared to Plato or Socrates.
b. Plato or Socrates is in no way inferior to the engine driver 
c. Plato or Socrates surpassed the engine driver in every respect
d. An engine driver is cleverer than Plato or Socrates

16. People today are very proud because they
a. live in a philosophically advanced age
b. live in a spiritually advanced age
c. enjoy digital communications
d. live in a scientifically advanced age 

17. Many of us make use of machines
a. with full knowledge of their genesis
b. without knowing how they were invented 
c. with very little knowledge of their mechanism
d. without any knowledge of their historical significance

18. In this passage, Plato and Socrates are mentioned to emphasize that
a. they had a great respect for learning
b. they were men of great scholarship
c. people as individuals in the modern age are not more advanced than their predecessors
d. the engine is a better mode of locomotion than Plato’s chariot. 

19. The phrase ’height of absurdity’ implies
a. the possible extent of rationality
b. the impossible extent of rationality
c. the possible extent of irrationality 
d. the impossible extent of rationality

20. If a medal is an award made of gold, silver or bronze, choose the homophone for the word which means
a. meddle 
b. muddle
c. middle
d. medel

21. Verbal guidance is least effective in the learning of
a. attitudes
b. Relationships
c. Skills 
d. Facts

Choose the word or phrase to fit each blank which best completes each sentence:

22. My landlady was very _____ when I met with an accident
a. merciful
b. pitiful
c. sympathetic 
d. hearty

23. The receptionist _____ to ring another hotel to see if they had a room
a. offered
b. suggested 
c. recommended
d. invited

24. I assure you I have wish to _______ my responsibility.
a. shirk 
b. refuse
c. abandon
d. disobey

25. Has there been any _______ on the strike from the Government?
a. reaction
b. response 
c. comment
d. criticism

26. Identify the most suitable explanation for the idiom used in the sentence given below:
The boy backed up his friend’s claim
a. accepted
b. supported 
c. explained
d. denied

27. Choose the appropriate tag for the sentence given below:
a. will you 
b. shall you
c. may you
d. won’t you

28. Choose the following sentences by supplying appropriate connecting words from the options listed below:
I met a boy _____ told me _____ I could find you.
a. who, were
b. that, were 
c. that, where
b. who, where

29. The former President of India, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has consented to address the students of your school on the eve of annual day. Which discourse among the ones listed below is best suitable for informing the parents of the students about the same?
a. letter
b. diary 
c. notice
d. slogan

30. How many syllables are there in the word ‘examination’?
CTET Practice Papers, TET Guess Papers, NET, HTET, PSTET, UPTET, KTET Online free Paper, PDF Download Study Material.a. 4
b. 3
c. 5 
d. 6

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