6 June 2015

TET Practice Paper Set-13 (Child Development)

TET Practice Paper Set-13

(Child Development)

1. Do the children of intelligent parents always shine in studies?

(1) Yes
(2) No 
(3) Psychology
(4) It depends on God

2. Reinforcement in operant conditioning is most effective when it is
(1) Response contingent. 
(2) Stimulus contingent.
(3) US-CS contingent.
(4) NS-CS contingent.

3. To raise the standard of education, it is necessary-
(1) to evaluate students continuously 
(2) to give high salary to teachers
(3) to revise curriculum
(4) to make good school building

4. One learns best in a classroom where
(1) Every child gets a chance to explore 
(2) The teacher does not give punishment
(3) There is no fixed curriculum
(4) There is no, threat of examination

5. The school and community should work together as
(1) The school is an integral part of the community 
(2) The community provides resources for learning
(3) The community helps in understanding the diverse nature of the students
(4) Children learn to cooperate with one another

6. After pairing the CS and US in a series of conditioning trials, the organism learns to respond to the CS alone. This response is then called
(1) Unconditioned stimulus.
(2) Conditioned stimulus.
(3) Unconditioned response.
(4) Conditioned response. 

7. Hyperactive children
(1) Need special attention in the classroom 
(2) Need a separate classroom
(3) Need a special curriculum
(4) Need special teachers

8. Organismic theories of development hold that
(1) Psychological structures and processes within the child help determine his/her development. 
(2) Physical structures and processes within the child help determine his/her development.
(3) Passively developed structures and processes within the child help determine his/her development.
(4) Slowly developed structures and processes within the child help determine his/her development.

9. Jimmy helps his father put away the dishes after dinner. Jimmy's father wants to increase the probability of this behavior and will be most successful by praising Jimmy
(1) After all the dishes are put away. 
(2) At bedtime.
(3) The next morning at breakfast.
(4) The next time they are putting away dishes.

10. The following arrangement should be made to enable the students to use the library properly—
(1) One should have a watch while the students are borrowing the books
(2) The librarian should select the books for the students
(3) The students should be encouraged to select the books for themselves 
(4) The students should not be allowed to chat in the library

11. Why students should play games in school ?
(1) It makes them physically strong
(2) It makes work easier for teachers
(3) It helps in passing time
(4) It develops co-operation and physical balance 

12. A student does a good job on math problems for homework, and the teacher awards a sticker. This demonstrates the use of
(1) Extinction.
(2) Reinforcement. 
(3) Spontaneous recovery.
(4) Antecedents.

13. Which text books should be considered as the excellent?
(1) Which have a lot of figures
(2) Which contain a large number of questions 
(3) Which have detailed descriptions on different subjects
(4) Which can develop the capability of thinking and reasoning

14. One difference between classical and operant conditioning is that
(1) Animals learn only by operant conditioning.
(2) Operant conditioning involves learning in which antecedent events are associated with one another.
(3) Classical conditioning involves learning in which antecedent events are associated with one another. 
(4) Operant conditioning occurs when a response is not affected by consequences.

15. The idea of Basic Education is propounded by-
(1) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(3) Mahatma Gandhi 
(4) Rabindranath Tagore

16. A Person believes that nurture strongly influences the development of his child. He would not agree with the importance of:
(1) Genetic factors. 
(2) Exposure to peers.
(3) The types of toys at home.
(4) The warmth displayed by the parents.

17. In classical conditioning, events critical to the learning occur __________ the response.
(1) Before 
(2) After
(3) Simultaneously with
(4) In a manner unrelated to

18. A competent teacher is one who can
(1) Help all students to pass the examination
(2) Create interests in the subject amongst the students 
(3) Maintain silence ill the classroom
(4) Keep students engaged

19. The technique of using desensitization involves
(1) Flooding the person with images of the feared stimulus.
(2) Gradually exposing the person to the feared stimulus.
(3) Gradually exposing the person to the feared stimulus only when they are fully relaxed. 
(4) Systematically increasing the stimulus intensity up to the breaking point.

20. The main task of a teacher is—
(1) To prepare good citizens from his students 
(2) To complete the prescribed syllabus
(3) To increase knowledge
(4) To do politics in the school

21. The most important challenge before a teacher is
(1) To maintain discipline in the classroom
(2) To make students do their home-work
(3) To prepare question paper
(4) To make teaching learning process enjoyable 

22. The quality of schools education is exclusively depending upon-
(1) Infrastructural facilities
(2) Financial provisions
(3) International support
(4) The quality of teacher education 

23. In Pavlov's experiments with dogs, food was the
(1) Conditioned response.
(2) Unconditioned stimulus. 
(3) Conditioned stimulus.
(4) Unconditioned response.

24. If student is too shy to participate in the class, you will
(1) Not ask questions from him
(2) Ask only those questions from him whose answers can be given by him
(3) Not ask those questions from him whose answers are beyond his means and due to which, he may become objects of ridicule in the class
(4) Ask questions from him only when he is keen to answer them 

25. What should be the attitude of a teacher towards his students in the class?
(1) Discriminating
(2) He should pay more attention to weak students
(3) Equal for all students 
(4) He should pay more attention to intelligent students

26. The best method of checking student's homework is-
(1) To assign it to intelligent students of the class
(2) To check the answers in the class in group manner
(3) To check them with the help of specimen answer
(4) To check by the teacher himself in a regular way 

27. Which of the following statements about punishment is FALSE?
(1) Punishment teaches new responses. 
(2) Punishment temporarily suppresses a response.
(3) Punishment may permanently suppress a response.
(4) Punishment applies an aversive event.

28. Why is the parents-Teachers Association considered to be important?
(1) This helps the school function properly
(2) This helps in understanding students in a better way 
(3) This helps in solving the students’ problem
(4) This helps the teachers and parents coming closer

29. What will you do to inculcate the sense of dignity of labour among your students?
(1) You will present examples before them
(2) You will place real situation before them
(3) You will engage yourself in a labour related work before them 
(4) You will lecture on dignity of labour
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30. Operant conditioning was studied by
(1) Pavlov.
(2) Maslow.
(3) Freud.
(4) Skinner. 

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