30 August 2015

Ch – 1 Power Sharing (Extra Questions)

CBSE NCERT Class X (10th) | Civics

Chapter – 1 Power Sharing

Extra Practice Questions


Q.1 How many people speak French and Dutch in the capital city of Brussels?
a)  60 percent French 40 percent Dutch   b) 50% Dutch 50% French
c) 80% French 20% Dutch                       d) 80% Dutch 20% French
Q.2 How many times leaders of Belgium amended their constitution?
A)  Two times                              B) Three times
C) Four times                              d) Since time

Q.3 Which one of the following is correct regarding power sharing?
A) It leads to conflict between different groups. B) It ensures the stability of the country.   
 C) It helps to reduce the conflict between different groups.
a) Only A is true           b) Only B is true     c) Both A and B are true
d) Both B and C are true                                                                

Q.4 Which was the only official language of Sri Lanka?
a) Tamil                                (b) Malyalam
c) Sinhala                              (d) none of the mention above

Q.5 Which community was rich and powerful in Belgium?
a)  German                                        (b) French
c) Dutch                                            (d) none of the mention above

Short Answer questions                                                                  

Q.1  What was a community government?
Ans- It was elected by the people belonging to language community – Dutch French and German speaking no metter where they live. It deals with cultural, educational and language related issues.

Q.2  What was the political problems faced by Belgium?
Ans- Problems of ethnic composition-
1. 50% Dutch speaking, 40% French speaking, 1% German speaking  
2. But in its capital- 80% French speaking, 20% Dutch speaking
3. French community was rich and powerful

Q.3 Explain the ethnic problem of Srilanka.
1. In Silence there are two communities' sinhala and Tamil
2) Among Tamils the Tamil natives who are called, Srilankan Tamils and the Indian Tamils whose forefathers come from India as plantation workers during the colonial period.
3) Most of the Sinhalas are Buddhist and Tamils are Hindus or Muslims.
  So in Srilanka the problem was who is going to hold power and enjoy the economic benefits

Long Answers questions                                                     

Q.1 How Belgian government solved its ethnic Problem ?
Ans- The Path of accommodation adopted in Belgium.
1) Dutch and French speaking ministers shall be equal in the central govt.
2) Many Powers of the central government have been given to state govt. The state govt are not subordinate to the central govt.
3) Brussels has a separate govt in which both the communities have equal representation.
4) There is a third kind of govt called community govt elected by the people belonging to Dutch, French and German no matter where they live.

Q.2 What is majoritarianism? How it has led to alienation of majority community in Sri Lanka?
Ans- The dominance of majority community to rule the country in whichever way it wants totally disregarding the wishes and needs of minority community is known as majoritarianism
1) In srilanka mainly there are two communities- Sinhala and Tamils the leaders of the sinhala community sought to secure dominance over the govt. by virtue of their majority. Sinhala has been  recognized as the official language of the country by disregarding
2) Government followed a preferential policy favouring sinhalase in university portions and govt. jobs.
3) The govt. encouraged and protected Buddhism The distrust has turned into a civil war that has caused a set back to social cultural and economic life of Srilanka.
Answers key of MCQ :

                     (1)        c          (2)        c          (3)        d          (4)        c          (5)        b

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