30 August 2015

Ch – 2 Federalism (Extra Questions)

CBSE NCERT Class X (10th) | Civics

Chapter – 2 Federalism

Extra Practice Questions


Q.1How many scheduled languages are recognized by the constitution?
a) Besides Hindi, there are 18 scheduled, languages.
b) Besides Hindi, there are 21 scheduled languages.
c) Besides Hindi there are 22 scheduled languages.
d) Besides Hindi there are 19 scheduled languages
Q.2 What is the government at Block level called?
a) Gram Sabha  b) Gram Panchyat     
c) Panchayat Samiti                d) Nayay Panchyat                                                         

Q.3 Which local govt works at district level?
a) Panchayat samiti     b) Village panchayat      
c) Zila Parishad                   d) None of the mention above                             

Q.4 By what name local govt at urban area called?
A)  Municipality              B) Municipal corporation  C) Panchayat samiti
a) Only A is true             b) Only B is true   
c) Both B and C are true           d) Both A and B are true                                                           

Q.5 Who is the chairperson of Municipal Corporation?
a) Block development officer    b) Mayor     
c) Sarpanch                             d) Member of Lok Sabha                                                  

Short Answers Questions-

Q.1 What is the real reason for the successes of federalism in India?
Ans- 1. The constitutional provisions are laid out very clearly
2) The nature of democratic politics has ensure its success
3) There is respect for diversity

Q.2 what are the objectives of the federal system?
Ans- Federal system has dual objectives to safeguard and promote unity of the country and accommodate regional diversity. It is based on mutual trust and agreement to live together.

Q.3 What happened to the centre state relations when different parties ruled at the centre and state levels till 1990?
Ans- When different parties ruled at the centre and state levels the parties at the centre tried to undermine  the power of states. The central government misused the constitution often to dismiss the state governments that were controlled by other parties. This is against the spirit of federalism

Long Answers Questions                                                                

Q.1 Give the key features of federalism
Ans- 1. There is two or more level of govt
          2.  Each tier has its own jurisdiction
3. Any change in the fundamental provisions of the constitution requires consent of both levels of  the govt
 4. Sources of revenue for each level are specified

Q.2 What major steps taken in 1992 towards decentralization?
Ans- A three tier democracies were introduced in 1992.
       A step was taken towards creating rural local self govt.
       1)  Regular elections to be held for panchayat 
       2) Seats reserved for SC’s and STs OBCs    
       3) One third seats reserved for women 
       4) State  govt to share power and revenue with local bodies.

Answers key of MCQ :      (1)        b          (2)        c          (3)        c          (4)        d          (5)     

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