29 August 2015


CBSE NCERT Class X (10th) | Social Studies | History


Extra Practice Questions


Q.1 why was Tonkin free school established?
a) They wanted to provide western type of education.
b) They wanted to provide education according to the local need.
c) They wanted to use local language.
d) They wanted to provide technical education

Q.2 On which factor was the economy of Vietnam based on?
a) Tea and Rubber Plantation   b) Rice and Rubber plantation
c) Rice and wheat Farming         d)  Rice and Tea plantation

Q.3 Which of the following step was taken by the French after Bubonic plague in Hanoi?
a) A rat hurt was started              b) Chemicals were sprayed
c) Tree medicines were given       d) None of these 

Q.4 Who among the following wanted to establish a democratic republic in Vietnam?
a) Phan Boi chau                        b)  Phan chu Trinh
c) Ho chi minh                            d) Huynh phu so

Q.5 Who was the founder of the Vietnamese communist party?
a) Fhan chu Trinh                    b) Huynh Phu so
c) Ho chi Minh                        d) Phan Boi chau

Q.6 Why did the US decide to intervene the Vietnam War?
a)  United state supported Japan   b) Communist had gained power
c) United states supported France  d) None of the above

Q.7 A branch of the Restorations society was established in Tokyo by whom?
a) By teachers                            b) By Industrialist
c) By students                            d) None of the above

Q.8 What does NLF stand for?
a) National land force                 b) National legal foundation
c) National liberation force         d) National liberation front

Q.9 Which movement started in against the spread of Christianity by the French.
a) The Hoa Hao moment           b) The Liberation movement
c) The scholars Revolt               d) Go east movement

Q.10 Which of the following Vietnamese women organized a large army to resist the Chinese?
   a) Trieu Au         b) Nguyen Thi xuan    c) Trung sisters d) None of the above
Short Answer Questions-

Q.1 Why did the French wanted to educate the people of Vietnam?
 What was their fear in doing so?
Ans- Civilizing the Vietnamese, they needed local labour force. They fear the if the Vietnamese were educated they would start questioning colonial 36domination. The French citizen living in Vietnam feared that they might lose their jobs.

Q.2 What steps did the French take to counter the Chinese influence in Vietnam?
Ans- Dismantled the traditional system of education, opened French school for Vietnamese they wanted  to replace the use of Chinese language.

Q.3 Why did the students formed various political parties in Vietnam?
Ans- 1. The Vietnamese were presented from qualifying for white coloured jobs 2. The students were inspired by patriotic feeling and decided to fight against injustice  by 1920 the students started political parties.

Q.4 Who was the founder of the Hao Hao movement in 1937? What was his contribution?
Ans-  Huynh Phu started this movement he performed miracles to help the poor. He opposed the sale of child brides gambling using alcohol and opium

Q.5 Explain the main features of go east movement.
Ans- Students went to Japan to acquire modern education, the main aim was to drive out the French from Vietnam Phan Boi chau and many others were forced to seek exile in china.

Long Answers questions                                                                

Q.1 How did the Vietnamese use their limited resources in the war against the US under the leadership of Ho chi Minh?
Ans- Roads and footpaths were used for transporting men and material from the north to the south. Suppliers were transported in trucks but they were carried by women porters on their backs. The trail had support hospitals and bases along the way.

Q.2 Explain the four measures taken by the French to solve the problem of plague.
Ans- Rat hunt was started in 1902. Hired Vietnamese workers to hunt the rat and were paid for each rat caught now the rat was caught in thousand but still there was no end the sewer cleaners discovered innovative way to profit making.

Q.3 How the Vietnam War came to an end?
Ans-  US had failed to achieve its objective and could not get the support of the Vietnamese people thousands of young US soldiers had  lost their  lives the sense of the war were shown on the T.V therefore strong  reactions in the US as well as the other countries.

Answer Key of  Multiple Choice Questions
  1. ( a )                2. ( b )          3. ( a )            4. ( b )       5. ( c )     
6. ( b )               7. (c )              8. ( d )             9. ( c )            10. ( c )