7 January 2017

The Secondary Education commission/Mudaliar Commission (1952-53)

The Secondary Education commission known as Mudaliar Commission was appointed by the government of India in term of their Resolution to bring changes in the present education system and make it better for the Nation.
Dr. A. Lakshmanswami Mudaliar was the Vice-Chancellor of Madras University. After the Independence India needed a change in the education system. Number of Secondary Schools were increasing in India it was much a need to take care the students of secondary school.

Dr. A. Lakshmanswami Mudaliar

Mudaliar Commission was comprised of 

  • Appointment – Appointed by the Govt. Of India on the recommendation of CABE on 23rd September, 1952
  • Chairman – Dr. Lakshman Swami Mudaliar
  • Secretary – A. N. Basu
  • Member Secretary – Principal Member Secretary, A.N. Basu, Central Institute of Education, Delhi.
  • Assistant Secretary- Dr. S. M. Assistant Dhari, Education Officer, Ministry of Education, along with seven members.
  • Report – Submitted on 29th August, 1953, 15 chapters of about 240 to 250 pages

Terms of reference of the Mudaliar Commission

  • After accepting the proposal of Central Advisory Board of Education, Government of India, appointed Secondary Education on 23 September1952.
  • The area of work and investigation of – Commission were
  • To enquire into and report on the present position of the Secondary Education in India.

Aim of Appointment

  1. To enquire into the problems of Secondary Education
  2. To suggest measures for its re-organization and improvement with special reference to
  3. the aims, organization & content of secondary education and
  4.  its relationship to Primary & Higher Education

Suggest measures for its reorganization and with particular reference to:  

  • Its relationship to primary, basic and higher education.
  • The aims, organization and content of education.
  • The inter-relation of Secondary Schools and different types
  • Other allied problem so that a sound and reasonably uniform system of Secondary Education suited to our needs and resources may be provided for the whole country.

Method of Enquiry

  1. Questionnaire Method
    • Preparing questions dealing with various aspects of secondary education
    • Sending out to educational experts, teachers and educational institutes of various parts of India
    • Collection of information
  2.   Tour Method

Report of the Mudaliar Commission

The Commission prepared a questionnaire related to questionnaire related to problems of education and send it to various educational institutes. On the basis of their answers The Commission had prepared a report of 244 pages which was divided in14/15 Chapters on 29 August 1953 and presented to the

Defects of the Secondary Education
  1. Bookish in content
  2. Examination oriented
  3. No qualitative development
  4. Unilateral & no diversification
  5. No scope of close contact between teacher and student
  6. Lack of good teachers
  7. No proper facility for play & recreation

Aims of Secondary Education
  • Development of democratic citizenship.
  • Initiation into art of living.
  • Development of personality.
  • Improvement of vocational efficiency.
  • Education for leadership.
  • Development of true patriotism.

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